2021 BMW X8 Coupe-SUV Review

The 2021 BMW X8 is something we expected after the release of the X7. The coupe version of the full-size luxury SUV is arriving late this year. Even the coronavirus is not going to affect its development and the premiere. The coupe-SUV is using the same platform as its closest sibling. Also, the drivetrain range should be the same. Plus, the X8 could get a more powerful M version. The sloped roof is affecting the interior space, so the new SUV is going to offer only five seats and less cargo room.

Although based on the X7, the 2021 BMW X8 will be more aggressive than its relative. The exterior styling is getting eye-catching lines. Also, the interior will come with less space, but more features. The X8 will take over the range-topping position from the X6 and X6M. It is still early to talk about the price, but like for all other segments, the coupe-SUV will be more expensive than the vehicle with a standard shape.

2021 BMW X8 price

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Styling and Renders

The first images of the 2021 BMW X8 are out. Fans are imagining the new SUV like the X7 with the sloped roofline. It seems everyone expects the X8 to get even larger grille than its sibling. Besides that, rear fenders are more muscular. Everything seems to be bigger on the new SUV, including air vents, but not the headlights, which are very slim. Existing images are showing a different bumper, which will make the X8 more aggressive.

If the front end reminds you of X7, then the rear is more like the X6. Renderings are showing nearly the same tail, which is not impossible to happen. But, there are some unique solutions for the new SUV, especially looking from the B-pillars toward the rear end. The sloping roof is definitely the highlight and it affects many other details to change, such as a rear window.

2021 BMW X8 Interior

The biggest difference between the 2021 BMW X8 and X7 inside the cockpit is in space. The upcoming vehicle will offer less room and experts predict there won’t be more than 75 cubic-feet available behind the front row. The X7 offers 70 cu.ft. the new roofline styling will also affect the headroom for passengers in the rear row.

Still, the German manufacturer will make it all up with advance technologies and premium materials. So, the 2021 BMW X8 will be a five-seater. A large 12-inch screen sits at the center of the cockpit. Small changes will make it different from the X7. Whatsoever, the majority of the cabin remains the same. Several types of leather are available, depending on a trim level. Also, you can pick a rear-seat entertaining package with headrest screens. Panoramic Sky Lounge is probably the coolest upgrade you would like to get for the X8. The two-tone interior is another optional feature.

2021 BMW X8 interior

2021 BMW X8 Specs

There are a few options for the engine room. The main source of power will be the same one we see on the X7. It is a 3.0-liter I6 with 335 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. the 2021 BMW X8 will be lighter and more aerodynamic than X7, which will help the SUV achieve a better 0-60 mph sprint time. An alternative is a big V8. A 4.4-liter displacement will create 460 hp and drop the sprint time under 5 seconds. That is not all since the same drivetrain will be tuned to crunch nearly 600 horsepower for the 2021 BMW X8M edition. We cannot estimate the 0-60 time, but the Competition package could help SUV make it in less than 4 seconds.

Another portion of rumors is finding inspiration in Series 7. In this case, a huge 6.6 V12 unit will be able to achieve the abovementioned outputs without problems. Still, the SUV is larger and heavier, but the company would find a solution to maximize the power of a V12. Anyway, it will be a solution for the high-end X8M model.

2021 BMW X8 specs

2021 BMW X8 Price and Debut

The company planned to launch the new coupe SUV by the end of this season. Still, the coronavirus might make BMW delay the premiere. The 2021 BMW X8 will be on sale next season, that is for sure. The price will beat the X7, currently sitting at $74,000. If the X8 adds the same value as X6 adds to X5, we will definitely see the new SUV above $80,000. The M version is going to land at the six-digit price realm. If the V12 happens, it will be very close to $200,000, where we can find top models such as Range Rover SVR or Bentley Bentayga.

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