Is 2021 Chrysler Commander Reviving the Nameplates?

The FCA is not shutting down the C from its name. Chrysler is a pretty rare badge nowadays. We can find only a few models carrying this once popular name. The 2021 Chrysler Commander could improve the situation and show us the direction where the company wants to develop this lineup. Of course, crossover and SUV segments are the best choices.

The FCA is already there with Jeep and Dodge vehicles. Well, the new Chrysler SUV could fill some gaps in the lineup (or make up some). It won’t be the first time we can see the competition within the same company. Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee were both mid-size models. Well, starting next season, we will see totally different approaches between them, with Durango being moved to the body-on-frame platform.

Commander is an old nameplate used by Jeep for the mid-size SUV. The vehicle shared most things with the Grand Cherokee. The boxy look was the highlight. Compared to the most popular SUV in the lineup, Commander was offered with three-row configuration. Also, the layout allowed rear seats to stand higher than usual.

2021 chrysler commander chinese
Commander in China

Commander is Already Back, By the Way

The company brought back the nameplate that was part of the lineup between 2005 and 2010. Back then, it was discontinued and Dodge Durango succeeded it with the third generation launched in 2011. In 2017, the nameplate returns as the concept of the three-row Compass. Well, this one is going to be available only in the Chinese market and the company’s branch there calls it Grand Commander. The comeback to the US soil is also near but as the all-new model.


Speculations about the 2021 Chrysler Commander somehow stunned all the experts and fans. No one saw it coming and there are numerous reasons why is this move questionable. First of all, the SUV was a three-row model. Currently, the FCA offers Durango is model with the capacity to take seven passengers. But, the three-row Grand Cherokee is also on the way. Furthermore, the comeback of the Grand Wagoneer is also announced, so we can’t see where the Commander will fit.

Next, using the Chrysler badge is also a mystery. This was one of the most popular nameplates, but it was a long time ago. Currently, we can find only Pacifica Minivan and Chrysler 300 sedan. The company is also launching another MPV, which is good news. Still, it is hard for the new models to make a breakthrough in the mid-size SUV segment, especially if they are not called Ford, Toyota, Nissan…

Commander in 2010

2021 Chrysler Commander Specs

Let’s assume that the upcoming 2021 Chrysler Commander will reborn its old idea – a three-row mid-size SUV. That means the vehicle is going to need power. At least, this is not a problem, since the carmaker can offer a variety of engines, especially for big models. The Pentastar V6 is definitely the likeliest choice. A 3.6-liter unit can return 300 hp, which is a good starting point. Well, its siblings are also using it.

But, we are wondering what will happen with other engines. Is 2021 Chrysler Commander going to use a V8? It won’t be strange to see the SUV with a 5.7-liter unit. It was there all when the vehicle was in production before. The upgrade will bring more power and torque (360 hp and 390 lb-ft). We doubt that Chrysler will push it further with a 6.4-liter unit, but it seems there will be other powerplants available as well.

Diesel and Hybrid Engines

Commander used a diesel drivetrain before. However, this version was made only for export. Now, the FCA has a new unit in its portfolio and it is likely to see a 3.0-liter V6 under the hood of the 2021 Chrysler Commander. With 250 hp and 450 lb-ft, it will definitely be one of the most interesting configurations in the market.

However, Jeep would like to turn to greener sources of power. Well, the first Commander concept from 1999 brought some interesting ideas. One of them was fuel cell with electric energy. Back in that time, it was too advanced, and the company never head to the production with this model. We are going back to the Chinese market, where the three-row Jeep Compass is called Grand Wagoneer. The compact SUV also has a hybrid version in this part of the world. Although it is a far-fetched story we won’t exclude this as a possibility. Well, everything about the 2021 Chrysler Commander is still a speculation, and the hybrid source of power has a lot of sense.

The new 2021 Chrysler Commander?

When Will 2021 Chrysler Commander Be Available?

Fans and enthusiasts are trying to find out more details about the new vehicle, but the company is still silent. Rumors came out of nowhere and now it is causing a lot of rumors without a true source. Even insiders are not reporting any signs of the potential comeback. All we can do is wait. Some details will leak sooner or later.

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