2021 GMC Envoy comeback

Envoy was an interesting SUV by the GMC discontinued in 2003. However, when we heard about its comeback, we were thrilled to learn more. Unfortunately, there are no too many details available about this rumor. The speculative stories are mentioning the 2021 GMC Envoy and the spot it left – the XUV model. It is the combination of a truck and the SUV, with the best features from both classes. Well, General Motors already updates its full-size segment, and next season we will see all-new GMC Yukon. But, the BoF SUV is something different. In the matter of fact, this vehicle could take on similar models available outside the US, such as Nissan Patrol, Ford Everest, or Toyota Fortuner.

Well, this is speculation and our investigation led nowhere. Unfortunately, we must say the company is probably not bringing back the XUV. Chevrolet line-up is now more important. Fans will see debuts of Blazer and TrailBlazer, which will nearly duplicate existing models in the lineup. On the other hand, GMC still needs to fill the gaps in the compact segment, since the smallest model is Terrain, which is 187 inches long. Plus, there GM is also after the premium class, expanding the Cadillac lineup. Also, General Motors owns Buick, with three existing models already in the squad, and the possible new SUV, Enspire.

2021 GMC Envoy denali

Where 2021 GMC Envoy Could Fit?

Let’s try to find the place for the 2021 GMC Envoy. So, the lineup has a full-size, mid-size, and midsize three-row model. What’s left? The compact class. This would be the big downsizing of the previous model which was 191 inches long in the standard version. Extended, it reached nearly 210 inches. These kinds of vehicles are not popular anymore.

On the other hand, combining the best of SUV and truck classes might be interesting to see. It is an ordinary thing in Asia. Truck-based SUVs are excellent haulers. GMC might found inspiration in these vehicles and it perhaps tries to make them popular in the US. Well, there are a couple of things that need to be fixed, such as emission ratings and efficiency.

2021 GMC Envoy Denali

Speculations go so far mentioning the 2021 GMC Envoy Denali version. This is the most luxurious version for most vehicles with this badge. They bring the most advanced technology. Be sure that Envoy Denali would get leather upholstery and large screen at the center of the dashboard, no matter its size. Plus, navigation, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on all models. If the SUV gets into the big rig tier, then the rear-seat entertaining system is possible.

On the other hand, GMC is currently upgrading the off-road segment. The AT4 package combines special parts to make vehicles run in the toughest situations. For example, there are air suspension systems, shocks, exhaust, skid plates, tires… Also, the interior has specific upgrades, but not as luxurious as the Denali model.

2021 GMC Envoy


All these rumors are interesting and possible, but General Motors is not going to bring it back any time soon. Well, we cannot predict the future and it is quite popular bringing back old nameplates. For example, Honda brought back Passport and GM is doing the same with the Blazer. Envoy used to offer something special and we believe when the company finds this unique space in the lineup, the SUV will be back. For now, it is only speculation.


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