2021 VW ID4

Volkswagen’s electrification process is becoming more serious. The 2021 VW ID4 is the second EV in the crossover/SUV segment, after a smaller ID3. The new model is the production version of the ID Crozz, debuted in 2017. The development is going pretty fast and the upcoming vehicle could be launched in the dealership very soon. According to sources, sales will start somewhere in 2021 and the SUV will get standard chassis and coupe body.

The 2021 VW ID4 is based on the MEB platform. Compared to the ID3, it is larger and it will appear in the USA, while the smaller sibling covers European and Chinese markets. Volkswagen is going to produce the ID4 in Tennessee. All-wheel drive, fast charging, and long-range models are certain, although the German carmaker is not providing detailed info.

2021 VW ID4 MEB platform

2021 VW ID4 Specs, Range

Under the body of the 2021 VW ID4 is the electric battery capable to provide energy for 310-mile run. The net horsepower rating reaches 300, with 1/3 going to front axle, and 2/3 to rear wheels. Standard models will probably cut the range to 250 miles or slightly less. The carmaker announced the new recharge system will take half an hour to refill the 83 kWh battery.

The power output will be good to battle against the new Tesla Model Y. the US carmaker will deliver a similar range, starting at 230 miles, and up to 300 miles on Long-Range versions. Both these SUVs will cost significantly less than Jaguar E-Pace and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

What is the MEB Platform?

The MEB stands for Modularer E-Antriebs-Baukasten (Modular Electric Architecture). The 2021 VW ID4 will rely on this platform, like many other vehicles. The carmaker made a partnership with a few companies and in near future we will see more models based on this concept. The MEB is a result of the Paris climate change agreement. The idea is to cut emissions by 40 percent and the ID4 is a huge step towards the zero-gas drivetrains.

The new electric MEB platform also saves space. The battery is under rear seats and there is no need for cardan tunnel. Plus, owners of such unit will get extra cargo space, popular frunk (front trunk). Part of the MEB is the development of autonomous drive. However, this system is not taking place on the 2021 VW ID4.

2021 VW ID4 sliding doors

ID Crozz Concept and Emission Scandal

Back in 2017, VW presented the new concept. Well, you probably paid more attention to the emission scandal and fake reports. The company harmed its image and chiefs tried to restore it as fast as possible. The ID Crozz concept was the solution. In 2017, it was not taken so serious. But now, when the ID3 is almost out and the 2021 VW ID4 announced for production, we are rolling back to see if the ID Crozz can tell us more.

This vehicle came out at Shanghai Auto Show. Meanwhile, we have a confirmation of the ID3 model. The 2021 VW ID4 will be bigger and for American market. The styling will definitely suffer some changes compared to the ID Crozz. This model shows us a technology we probably won’t see, such as sliding rear doors. Retractable steering wheel would be also the futuristic system. Still, the ID4 will get extra space thanks to the battery position and the lack of transmission tunnel. We cannot judge the infotainment system since nearly three years have passed since the debut. Meanwhile, technology evolved too much to keep features from 2017.

2021 VW ID4 release date

2021 VW ID4 Verdict

Everything is still mysterious about the 2021 VW ID4 electric crossover. We know it will have two body styles and the battery will supply the vehicle with power. Safety systems need to past tests by IIHS and NHTSA. Updates about the self-driving ID Pilot are something we would like to know more about. Nevertheless, this technology won’t be in full power for 2021 season. But, the initial levels of autonomous drive will introduce the Volkswagen to the new class.

A lot of other advanced features are possible. Some models could get solar panels. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the must-have services. VW will definitely surprise us with more options. The range could also be shorter compared to the prototype from 2017.

Sources: Inside EVs, Auto News


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