2022 Ford Edge: SE, SEL, Titanium, ST

Five-seat mid-size SUVs are not the most popular vehicles in the market. This class is stuck between the two best-selling segments in the US. Compact crossovers are offering great agility and fuel economy. On the other hand, three-row SUVs are there with more power and space. So, you can pick the 2022 Ford Edge over Escape if you are looking for more comfort and a larger engine, and Explorer is too big and powerful for your needs. Generally, if you don’t need all the seats a three-row model is offering, Edge is definitely an excellent choice.

Just for the comparison – the sales results say that Ford sold two times more Explorers, and three times more Escapes, than Edges. It is not because of this SUV, but the segment it belongs to. On the other hand, with nearly 150k sales, Edge sits at the top of the mid-size two-row SUV world. Another comparison – Ford sold two times more Edges than Nissan did with Murano. The ratio is the same when we take the Honda Passport.

Anyway, the 2022 Ford Edge will be under the revisit. The company updated the SUV in 2019 when the ST model was added as well. A three-year period is more than enough for buyers to get bored, especially with things changing more frequently nowadays. Also, there is tough competition. For the new Edge, we expect a fresh interior layout and color options. The ST remains the top of the range version with the high-performance engine. Buyers can opt for the luxury instead of driving skills and pick one of the top-end models packed with advanced systems and features.

2022 Ford Edge ST

2022 Ford Edge Specifications, No Hybrid

Like most vehicles in the US company’s latest lineup, the 2022 Ford Edge will also get a turbocharged unit as the base drivetrain. It is a 2.0-liter four-pot powerplant, capable of delivering 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Compared to SUVs using a V6, the two-row model is not going to lack energy. Plus, due to its size and decreased weight, the Edge will move around easier. The gas mileage is at 25 mpg combined. If you replace a front-wheel drive with a 4×4 system, the SUV is going to consume more gas.

If we compare it to Explorer and Escape, we will notice a lack of hybrid unit. Ford already added this system to smaller and bigger siblings. But, plans for the 2022 Ford Edge Hybrid are dropped and for now, the SUV is going to offer only a high-output alternative. The carmaker is focused on zero-emission setups and the first model rolling out of the factory lines will be Mach E, a Mustang-based SUV.

2022 Ford Edge interior

2022 Ford Edge ST

If 250 horsepower is not enough and you want to maximize the riding impression, then the ST package is going to amaze most buyers. In this case, engineers decided to go with a small V6 displacement of just 2.7-liters. Enhanced with the twin-turbo system, it can deliver 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. All-wheel drive is standard and it gets power through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Still, the ST package includes paddle shifters for manual gearing.

This version is not all about the more potent engine. Engineers also tuned the suspension and steering for the 2022 Ford Edge ST. Plus, there are high-quality materials inside to increase the level of comfort. A special grille and a rear spoiler will make the SUV recognizable from the outside. The ST model will get a couple of new paintjobs. Currently, there are six colors available in the palette.

Other Trim Levels and Packages

SE, SEL and Titanium are other choices available for the Edge at the moment. But, the new 2022 YM will definitely introduce something to shake things up and make a market appearance more interesting. The SE version is there with 18-inch wheels and rain-sensing wipers as highlights of the package. Ford will probably revisit the infotainment system. A larger touchscreen display and Sync3 features are definitely going to be included. Previously, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were available on the SEL trim, but be ready to pick them with the entry-level model.

So, again, Ford will have to figure out how to improve the mid-range model. More safety options are always welcome. Parking sensors, lane departure warning and lane-keep assist are accessories that become part of the standard offer. The 2022 Ford Edge SEL will definitely bring upscale materials and dual-zone climate control. The high-end offer comes with the Titanium trim. Here, you will find all the most advanced systems and features the company has. For example, wireless charging, premium audio with extra speakers, and leather upholstery are standard.

2022 Ford Edge


The base price for the 2022 Ford Edge will start again somewhere between $31,000 and $32,000. SEL is the mid-range offer with a price tag of around $35,000. Titanium is very close to the premium market with the MSRP starting above $40,000. You can add a few thousand of dollars and purchase a high-performance ST edition for $45k.


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