2022 Jeep Commander release date

For a long time, Jeep was not in the seven-seat SUV market. All of the sudden, the brand stormed into the class with two vehicles, and the third is on the way. Well, we expected the mid-size Grand Cherokee to add the third row. It was supposed to happen earlier, but still, fans were not surprised. Also, with the growth of the company, the expansion to the full-size segment was the logical choice. Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are now another three-row vehicles. But, that is not all. The 2022 Jeep Commander is one more seven-seater in the lineup, based on the Compass crossover.

The comeback of the nameplate is the new thing. For a while, the company is testing this vehicle. Until recently, experts called it Grand Compass, expecting a similar relationship like Cherokee and Grand Cherokee have. But, the 2022 Jeep Commander is something that came out recently. This name was used during the short production period between 2005-2010. The mid-size SUV reappeared in China under the name Grand Commander in 2018.

Without official statements, there are plenty of speculations about the 2022 Commander. Spy photos confirm the vehicle exists. One more thing – it will be based on the Compass crossover. But, everything else, including the name, is still under the question mark. This might be the rumor released by the company, in order to test the market and see how they feel about the comeback. On the other hand, seven-seat crossovers are quite popular overseas. Honda CR-V has a three-row version, Nissan Qashqai+2 means there are two more seats in this vehicle, while VW Tiguan Allspace is one of the pioneers.

2022 Jeep Commander

2022 Jeep Commander Specs, 4xe

A 2.0-liter turbo-four Hurricane engine is a certain choice for the 2022 Jeep Commander. However, we must also take other options into the consideration. A V6 would provide a lot of power, but the 2022 Jeep Commander is still a crossover with seven seats. Like for the V6, which would be too big, a 2.4-liter Tigershark four-cylinder is not providing enough juice for a larger vehicle than the Compass. But, a 180 horsepower rating might be a good entry point for some buyers, since it is going to cost cheaper. A 2.0 displacement can produce 275 hp, which would be more than enough for a seven-seater.

The 2022 Jeep Commander 4xe is another probable configuration. First of all, its sibling from China with a similar name, Grand Commander, is the only FCA vehicle with an electric drivetrain. The plug-in hybrid is already available for the Wrangler. The company calls it 4xe. Power improvement and fuel-saving technology are the reasons why buyers will think about investing in this model. Besides that, FCA bosses promised that by 2022, a total of ten vehicles will have electric batteries. Plus, autonomous drive Level 3 is also a potential upgrade if the carmaker swims into electric waters.

2022 Jeep Commander interior

Jeep’s Lineup of Seven-Seaters Continue to Grow

Add another name to the three-row squad. Until last season, we couldn’t find the combination of radiator grille and more than five seating spots. For a long time, fans expected to see the Grand Cherokee introducing the new version. The SUV is getting the L suffix to its name and this one indicates more capacity for passengers. With the huge success of the Grand Cherokee, it was obvious the Jeep is going to expand the market of SUVs. In 2022, we are going to see a debut of the full-size vehicle, Wagoneer and its premium sibling, Grand Wagoneer. The SUV is about to compete with the likes of Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe.

The 2022 Jeep Commander is something surprising in many ways. First, the vehicle is based on Compass, the compact crossover. It is something we don’t see in the US. However, in other markets, it is pretty ordinary for carmakers to add seven-seater versions of their crossovers. Also, the Grand Commander, built for Chinese territory, is a three-row SUV. But, the upcoming Commander is not going to be too similar to this vehicle.

2022 Jeep Commander spy photos

2022 Jeep Commander Release Date and Prices

The arrival of the new SUV is not official yet. But, test mules are rolling for some while. So, we could see it soon, as a part of next season’s three-row SUV lineup. Still, the 2022 Jeep Commander might not be available in the US. In other parts of the world, very likely. Experts believe the model is going to be introduced late in 2021.

Since the Grand Commander is priced between $36,000 and $55,000 in China, the 2022 Commander should be a bit more affordable. However, it heavily depends on engine choices. The 4xe plug-in hybrid will cost higher, taking the top of the range spot. An off-road edition is also possible. But, in this case, the third row might be dropped.

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