2023 Audi Q9 spied

The 2023 Audi Q9 should be the crown jewel of the SUV lineup. The company is not hiding that they are about to complete the entire Q1-Q9 family. After the arrival of the Q4, only two more slots are opened. The Q9 is coming as the flagship SUV. So, only the Q6 left.

There are a lot of questions about the 2023 Audi Q9. The company is not out officially with the statement, so it leaves a lot of room for speculations. But, our sources claim the vehicle is going to be announced soon and the production should start early in 2023. So, the Q9 could even be a 2024 YM.

Another thing that causes discussion is the type of SUV. The Q9 is going to be a flagship model. But, some say it might get an electric drivetrain only. Another opinion is that SUV is taking a coupe body. What Audi really needs is a full-size model that will compete with BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS. Well, even if it is EV, the Q9 is still a good investment, since the company’s archrivals are already delivering their models there.

2023 Audi Q9

2023 Audi Q9 Design Ideas

The styling of the 2023 Audi Q9 depends on the type of vehicle. If the SUV is going to be an EV, it will use a more futuristic design. It can also be a classic model with a full-size body. Currently, the Q7 is the largest vehicle in the lineup. It is 199 inches long. The body of the Q9 will exceed 200 inches. Eventually, the SUV could take the coupe-style. Again, it wouldn’t be a total miss, with all the other models available nowadays. On the other hand, Audi’s close sibling, Porsche, is already collecting profit from this segment, so the company doesn’t need competition within the family.

One thing is almost certain – the Q9 will be a three-row model. We assume there will be seven seating spots, even if body becomes larger than expected. Audi always goes after comfort. The new infotainment system is stunning, but the upcoming SUV could make it even more special. Some while ago, bosses mentioned autonomous drive of a high level. So, don’t be surprised if Level 4 is introduced. Currently, the best we have is Level 2, and the difference between the next two stages is very tiny. Once again, features and options will depend on the type of SUV the Q9 takes.

2023 Audi Q9 interior

Under the Hood

So, here we can discuss if the 2023 Audi Q9 is going to be electric SUV or not. If it is an EV, advanced battery system will be under the body, providing more range than for the Q4. The E-Tron technology is capable to use big electric motors. We assume that the big Q9 might go up to 500 miles in a single charge.

On the other hand, standard lineup should include six- and eight-cylinder engines. Smaller displacements are there as an entry-level option. It will also make the 2023 Audi Q9 way cheaper. However, a V8 is going to be an upgrade that will cost at least $15,000. With the high-end packages, SQ9 or RS, the MSRP of the SUV is going to go deeper into the six-digit realm. Those are models with at least 500 horsepower under the bonnet.

2023 Audi Q9 Release Date, Competition

The company is thinking about the Q9 for some while. Besides Q6, that is the only free nameplate left in the SUV family. Now it seems that Audi is making first steps towards the production. The first prototypes might be out by the end of this season. However, the 2023 Audi Q9 is probably coming out as the concept, while the dealerships will start sales with the 2024 YM. Also, there is a question about the release date in the US. It wouldn’t be the first time for Audi to launch a vehicle in the homeland, and the rest of the world leave waiting for another year.

Anyway, the Q9 is not bringing anything radical. Any of the abovementioned possibilities will have a competition. Electric SUV segment is growing fast, even the luxury class. A full-size model would face more rivals. A coupe SUV is the least popular of all options we went through.


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