2023 Bugatti SUV: Haux or Truth

Many sources are reporting that Bugatti is developing a new vehicle. That is the thing where there are together. But, opinions are split. Many fans would like to see the SUV, but some other sources are saying the company is staying with exotic cars. They could change the mind now when Ferrari decided to enter the game with Purosangue. We will keep the 2023 Bugatti SUV as an option.

So, what do we know so far about this exotic model? The French carmaker still has a dilemma – shall they produce the 2023 Bugatti SUV, or they will be after the luxury limo. One thing is certain – either vehicle will cost $1 million, various sources quotes Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti CEO. Not strange for this company. The production is going to be limited. Bugatti will aim to beat Lamborghini and its Urus in every sector. Well, for a $1 million priced vehicle, we expect it to fly.

2023 Bugatti SUV concept

2023 Bugatti SUV vs Lamborghini Urus

The main rival to the 2023 Bugatti SUV will be Lamborghini Urus. Well, Ferrari and Lotus are not out yet, so this is the only comparative model. Also, the Italian company is the only one that entered the new market from the exotic car segment, which caused a lot of rumors about other carmakers doing the same. For a long time, we expected the move by its archrival, Ferrari. The Maranello project now has a name – Purosangue. Still, all new arrivals will have something to look upon – the Urus.

The super-luxury SUV is a great performer. It launches 641 horsepower from a 4.0-liter V8 engine. This is one of the first things all the upcoming exotic crossovers have to beat. And then, there is luxury equipment, driving, and handling, aerodynamic, acceleration time… Not an easy task. Still, the news that 2023 Bugatti SUV is going to be worth $1 million is bringing the vehicle to the whole new world. Urus is expensive, but it costs only $200,000.

The only other potential model that could rival Bugatti is Lotus. The British carmaker is also known for exotic and expensive cars, so these two can fight in their own league. We cannot imagine what can be worth so much to be five times better than Lamborghini Urus. So, the Bugatti SUV will be more the symbol of prestige than the family vehicle.

2023 Bugatti SUV front grille


Everything about the 2023 Bugatti SUV is so special and surprising. When we mention this model, you probably set sights on the huge family car that will draw attention with its appearance, where size has the key role. Well, the French company is not doing that. Instead, the vehicle is going to be much smaller and lower. It will be oriented for the drive on the road, not off. So, that is the first thing that makes Bugatti SUV different.

Then, the company will probably take the coupe design over the traditional boxy look. It is in their nature. According to initial info, the crossover is going to be a two-door model with a sloped roofline. Still, there is no further info about the inspiration for the new model. Most fans are comparing it to Chiron but in a mechanical way. The SUV will need a new unit, since it comes with a totally different platform, look, and needs.

2023 Bugatti SUV

2023 Bugatti SUV Release Date

The company will start producing the new vehicle in 2023. The production is going to be limited to 800 units per annum. That is one of the rare things we know about the upcoming SUV. The price will be $1 million.

Source: CAR Magazine

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