2023 Genesis GV70 EV Price and Range for the US Market

Hyundai is going strong. The expansion of its premium Genesis lineup is faster than anyone thought. Shortly after GV80 impressed us, the carmaker launched the 2023 Genesis GV70 EV, an all-electric crossover with a lot of advanced features and options. The vehicle is in production and the 2023 YM is the first-ever season in the market. We’ll see if the GV70 can repeat the success of its predecessor. Still, this is not all from Genesis, since the company is planning to add GV60 and GV90 nameplates in the foreseeable future.

Since the company announced details about the 2023 Genesis GV70 EV, first impressions are already there. The SUV is spacious, although it belongs to the compact segment. The price should also be lower than for most rivals. Still, there are a few things the company could fix for the electric vehicle. According to the first releases, the range of the GV70 EV could be over 300 miles. Plus, Hyundai is promising fast charging systems that will restore a battery life in the shortest period of time.

2023 Genesis GV70 EV safety

What We Know So Far?

The GV70 petrol model is already out with unique styling solutions outside and inside the vehicle. The 2023 Genesis GV70 EV is ready to elevate an offer to a higher level. Nevertheless, the company warns that even the vehicle from the official website might be different from the production version. But, we don’t expect huge moves and the electric SUV should be attractive from the outside and very comfortable inside. Here are some headlights of the upcoming vehicle.

Exterior Styling

The Crest grille is now the signature part of the Genesis lineup. It is making the SUV more aerodynamic. If you take a look at previous versions, you will notice the evolution of design. For the GV70 EV, the grille is combining several approaches. Overall, it looks pretty minimalistic. The charging port is hidden behind the grille and the door is integrated perfectly, not to spoil the design.

A set of 20-inch wheels is unique for this vehicle. It boosts the elegance and aggressive appearance from the side of the vehicle. The styling from the front carries over to the rear end. We can notice similarities on the bumpers. Of course, the electric vehicle lacks exhaust pipes. Two-line lamps are another visual detail that drew a lot of attention.

Paintjobs available for the GV70 EV: Uyuni White, Savile Silver, Carbon Metal, Vik Black, Capri Blue, Cardiff Green, Barossa Burgundy, Mauna Red. Interior colors: Matterhorn White, Melbourne Gray, Brunswick Green, Barossa Burgundy Matt.

2023 Genesis GV70 EV interior

2023 Genesis GV70 EV Interior Features

The transmission tunnel is gone for the 2023 Genesis GV70 EV and the SUV offers more space in the back than the regular vehicle. Definitely, the overall styling is unique. The GV70 belongs to the luxury class for many reasons. The carmaker introduces a few nice features, such as Mood Lighting and Fog Brush effect. The SUV is a five-seater. Besides the rear cargo area, the electric vehicle also offers a front trunk, or a popular frunk, with 0.8 cubic feet of space for smaller items.

Range and Recharging Time

The SUV is coming with a dual-motor AWD configuration. One battery is taking the place in each axle. Maximum power is 215 hp and torque reaches 260 lb-ft. Combined, the system is good for 515 lb-ft and 430 hp. It is enough to make the 2023 Genesis GV70 EV sprint 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

However, the company is adding some cool upgrades. With the Boost Mode, the acceleration from 0-60 mph takes 4.2 seconds. Also, the e-Terrain mode will scan conditions and environments, tuning the drive system for the best performance. Furthermore, regenerative braking is the latest technology that is coming for the GV70 EV. The SUV is using the Road Active Noise Control to reduce noise inside the cabin.

Recharging time is dropping every year. The 2023 Genesis GV70 EV uses the V2L system with advanced services. From 10 to 80 percent, this charger will need only 17 minutes. Standard outlets will need 7 hours and 40 minutes to do this. The maximum charge can take you up to 300 miles.

2023 Genesis GV70 EV charging time

2023 Genesis GV70 EV Release Date and Price

The electric SUV is already announced. However, the company is not launching sales yet. Also, the official site states that the presented details might be different in the production version. That means the 2023 Genesis GV70 EV is not coming out so soon. But, the design is not too futuristic, and the SUV seems ready to conquer the premium EV market. The price of the electric GV70 will be around $60,000 for the base version. A petrol model starts from $43,000 and a V6 engine adds about $10,000 more. The competition in the EV market is becoming bigger. In the next few years, there will be more and more vehicles with electric drivetrains.

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