2023 GMC Terrain Redesign, Hybrid, Denali Interior

Experts are pretty confident that the 2023 GMC Terrain will be the third-gen crossover. The current styling is dating back from 2018, and it is not unusual to see such a move in the small SUV world after only five years. General Motors will skip the redesign, and get straight to the all-new vehicle. The facelift was planned for this season, but the COVID-19 outburst caused a reschedule. Now, when the situation is getting back to normal, the carmaker decided to deliver minor changes for 2022 YM, and deliver all-new 2023 Terrain.

The interior and exterior will be new. Details are still unknown. Even when the vehicle appears on the streets, it will be camouflaged. The Terrain is a mechanical twin of the Chevy Equinox, so we can learn some things about drivetrains. For now, the only plant supplying the crossover with power is a 1.5-liter four-banger. But, bringing the 2023 GMC Terrain Hybrid is a priority. General Motors wants to stay competitive. This upgrade is going to be the second option, while fans also expect to see a fully electric model.

When it comes to equipment, the Terrain will be a bit upscale crossover compared to its closest sibling, Chevy Equinox. Well, the price is the best indicator. We will analyze models later, and for now, we can only mention the highlight configurations. Denali is the premium package, while the 2023 GMC Terrain AT4 is the new model, specialized for an off-road drive.

2023 GMC Terrain hybrid
First concepts leading to the current electrification were introduced in 2002

2023 GMC Terrain Engine Upgrades

Definitely, a hybrid model is a must-have in the compact crossover segment. General Motors is delivering a few cool vehicles, but none of them is powered with such a setup. On the other hand, Toyota, Honda, and Ford are dominating the market with their hybrid crossovers. Not a surprise, having in mind that those small SUVs can return at least 40 mpg. Terrain is far away from those numbers, and it cannot compete even with efficient crossovers with the conventional configuration.

It is still unknown what kind of an engine the GM could use for the Terrain Hybrid. It is certain that the upcoming 2023 YM is going to carry over a 1.5-liter turbocharged unit. Engineers didn’t go too far with outputs, settling this one at 170 hp and 203 lb-ft of torque. The crossover is not too fast. It takes 9.5 sec to accelerate 0-60 mph. A nine-speed automatic gearbox shifts power to front wheels by default. All-wheel drive is optional. The gas mileage might be improved if redesign makes the 2023 GMC Terrain lighter.

All-Electric Model

Vehicles by GM are losing pace with the competition when it comes to gas mileage. The company missed on the hybridization, while other carmakers are taking advantage of the new technology. So now, we have crossovers with 40+ mpg. To keep up with main rivals, the hybrid version of the 2023 Terrain should be a priority.

But, what is happening inside the GM? The company started the electrification process, with a few models ready to jump into the lineup in 2022 and 2023. Chevy Bolt will be a subcompact EV. The comeback of Hummer surprised many fans. But, the nameplate is not the main reason, but its drivetrain and form. Hummer will be an electric truck, while the SUV is arriving in 2023 as well. Cadillac Lyriq EV is also going to be there. So, we are sure that the new technology is going to be used in the compact crossover segment, where the 2023 GMC Terrain and Chevrolet Equinox can benefit from the electric systems.

2023 GMC Terrain interior


One thing is sure – the 2023 Terrain is going to offer a wide choice of trim levels and equipment. The SL should be back as the base trim level. The base package won’t stun buyers with the features list. On the other hand, the price is going to be the lowest on this trim. Still, everyone will look for upgrades higher-end packages are bringing. For example, the SLE seems to be a pretty nice bundle, with LED lamps, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and decent driver-aid options. The infotainment system will see some upgrades for sure. Simplified controls are the key to this update. The SLT is sometimes considered a premium option. Well, hands-free tailgate, leather seats and steering wheel, power-adjustable buckets with memory and heating are high-end features for most rival crossovers.

2023 GMC Terrain denali
Special upgrades will be available on the 2023 GMC Terrain Denali model

2023 GMC Terrain AT4 and Denali

Still, a couple of packages is standing out. Without a doubt, the 2023 Terrain Denali comes with the most exclusive upgrades. Navigation is standard, as well as the Bose audio. Wireless charging, smart parking sensors and HUD are already there, and the next edition should feature the Super Cruise autonomous drive. Don’t expect the price of the Denali model to be under $38,000.

The 2023 GMC Terrain AT4 is the package for off-road enthusiasts. The company is expanding the lineup and those models will be rivals to the TRD Pro units from Toyota. Unique suspension, body upgrades, 4×4, and special interior are making the AT4 very special. Plus, the price shouldn’t be too high, probably settling somewhere around $37,000.

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