2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid Latest Rumors and Release Date

There is no reliable source that can confirm the 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid is going to be available. well, it’s been a while since fans are listening to the rumors about this type of engine for the mid-size SUV. But, Honda is not making moves yet. There are no spy photos, no prototypes, or official info about the release date. If the Japanese company wants to stay competitive in the segment, this is going to be a logical move. We can’t wait to see Pilot making an impact in the hybrid SUV market.

The best thing the 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid can bring to the lineup is better gas mileage. Currently, the only drivetrain for the SUV is a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine. It is a reliable mill, but getting old. It also doesn’t impress with the gas mileage. On the other hand, Toyota Highlander is a leader in the class with 35 mpg. Other mid-size SUVs with hybrid configurations are also doing better than Pilot. Plus, the Honda SUV can also gain extra power.

2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid

Configuration and Plug-In Hybrid Rumors

Some while ago, a prototype of the Pilot SUV was spotted on streets. It had an opening above the front right wheel, suggesting that the vehicle might use a recharging system. But, this happened a few years ago, and the official statement was never released and nothing actually happened. Nevertheless, it showed us that Honda is working on something.

Now, the 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid should be the realization of the project, that has been under development for years. We expect something big, like it was in 2015 when the new Pilot came out. The 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid will be a part of the redesign. A 3.5-liter V6 is the likeliest base engine the SUV shall use. Additionally, an electric motor is adding extra power, so the Pilot Hybrid is about to top 300 horsepower. More importantly, the gas mileage should also get a boost, especially in the city, where the rating of the regular model is 20 mpg.

2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid specs

2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date and Price

The 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid is really a last chance for the Japanese company to show they mean business. Experts and fans are surprised why the vehicle is not out yet, especially with the premium Acura MDX having a hybrid configuration. Still, people in Honda have different plans for the mid-size model.

Without insider info and with a lack of spy photos, we can’t be sure if the hybrid SUV is coming next year. Definitely, the company needs it, but the investment is not cheap. And the price of a hybrid model should be around $40,000. Some things like AWD are going to be standard, while the new engine setup will be available only with higher trim levels.

2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid spied
Spy photos credits: Motor 1

Acura MDX and Honda Pilot

Acura is Honda’s premium brand and MDX is a luxury version of the Pilot. Its MDX SUV featured a hybrid unit, but the company didn’t carry it over to the non-premium lineup. Interesting, the MDX didn’t combine a 3.5-liter petrol engine, but a 3.0-liter displacement, with electric motors. The system was good for 320 hp, which is what we already mentioned as expected from the 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid.

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