2023 Lincoln Aviator Changes: Jet Appearance Package

Aviator came under the spotlight thanks to the mighty hybrid configuration. The PHEV system made the SUV more powerful than Navigator. It is also important since now experts are sure the full-size is also getting such an upgrade and more potent version. The performance package for the Navigator is confirmed, but not with the plug-in hybrid setup, but the supercharged V8 mill. Meanwhile, the 2023 Lincoln Aviator is not bringing more changes. The current generation is still pretty fresh.

So, the highlights of the upcoming mid-size SUV are numerous. It is a luxury model, so be ready to spend extra. It might be a downside since many fans won’t be able to afford the 2023 Lincoln Aviator. On the other hand, it is worth every penny invested. Besides the PHEV model, there is also a conventional configuration. The Grand Touring hybrid is available in the Black Label trim. Lincoln could update themes for the next edition. Also, minor modifications around the vehicle are not something that would change your opinion. The Jet Appearance package might be one of the most interesting additions in 2023.

2023 Lincoln Aviator black label

2023 Lincoln Aviator Specs and PHEV

The base configuration for the 2023 Lincoln Aviator is a twin-turbo V6. A 3.0-liter displacement is tuned to burst 400 horsepower. Of course, you don’t expect a smaller SUV to beat class-leading numbers by the flagship Navigator. A 10-speed automatic gearbox sends power to rear wheels by default. You can also purchase the SUV with AWD. The vehicle is pretty heavy and it harms driving dynamics and fuel economy. With the FWD, Aviator is returning 22 mpg, while the AWD is doing only 20 mpg. The towing capacity of the standard setup is 6,700 pounds, thanks to the torque of 415 pound-feet.

An upgrade to this system is the PHEV. Look for the 2023 Lincoln Aviator Sport Touring. A twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6, with help from electric batteries, can crack 494 hp and 630 lb-ft, which are being sent to all wheels through a 10-pace transmission. The towing capacity is dropping to 5,600 pounds, but the gas mileage is 23 mpg. The 2023 Lincoln Aviator Sport Touring PHEV is also able to go by using electric power only. The range of this mode is 21 miles.

2023 Lincoln Aviator black label interior

Trim Levels and Accessories

There are three traditional packages fans of Lincoln SUVs already got used to. The entry-level version is Standard and it features 19-inch wheels, LED lights, power liftgate, and roof rails. Drivers can rely on the keyless functions and push-button start. It is a three-row model with seven seating spots. Front seats are power-adjustable and feature a heating option. Zonal climate control and a 10-inch infotainment system boost overall comfort inside the 2023 Lincoln Aviator.

The mid-range Reserve bundle adds larger wheels. If you select 22-inchers, then an adaptive suspension becomes an option for a smoother ride. Premium leather is covering seats. For the Reserve package, captain’s chairs in the middle row are standard, while buyers can opt for a bench as well. The sound system and climate controls are better. A panoramic roof adds another dimension, as well as ambient lighting.

The 2023 Lincoln Aviator Black Label is the top of the range version. All-wheel drive is standard and many optional packages are also included. But, the main thing about the Black Label is the interior theme. You can select Chalet, Destination or Flight. Fans expect changes here, with fresh combinations of colors and materials.

2023 Lincoln Aviator jet appearance

What is 2023 Lincoln Aviator Jet Appearance?

The biggest novelty for the new SUV is the update of optional upgrades. Among minor changes, we can expect one significant refresh. The 2023 Lincoln Aviator Jet Appearance comes with black details on the grille, lower body and wheels. A set of 22-inchers is standard. Roof rails, mirror caps, and a few other parts will also be blacked out. Four paintjobs are going to be available to combine with Jet Appearance – Pristine White, Infinite Black, Silver Radiance, and Burgundy Velvet. The upgrade is possible only if you select Reserve trim. A conventional setup will be under the hood, and the Jet Appearance is also using an all-wheel drive.

Release Date and Prices

The new SUV is not going to be available at dealerships for a while. The company will move the release date closer to the next season. Meanwhile, the Navigator is the priority. Still, fans of the 2023 Lincoln Aviator will wait eagerly, mostly for the price update and the cost of the new Jet Appearance package. The base MSRP starts pretty high. The Aviator won’t be under $55,000. Reserve trim is a $6,000 upgrade, and you will have to spend probably around $2,500 for the Jet Appearance. Fans of the PHEV system are not happy with $70k price tag of the Sport Touring, and the Black Label adds $20,000 more. With the conventional setup, the top of the line model costs $80k.

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