2023 Mercedes GLC price

The all-new 2023 Mercedes GLC is on the way, according to multiple sources. Spy photos of the prototypes are already available, but we can’t say the same for details about this compact luxury crossover. Still, one thing is sure – the GLC is in the final stages of development and the vehicle is going to debut by the end of 2022.

Expectations are high, as always. Of course, Mercedes is under pressure with every new debut. The German carmaker is setting standards for all other manufacturers. BMW and Audi at the first place will have a tough task to catch up with its archrival.

A few things are certain for the new 2023 Mercedes GLC. The company is going to improve the ride quality and fuel efficiency. At the same time, the high-end AMG version is one of the most powerful vehicles, even outside the compact crossover class. Buyers can still opt for the coupe chassis. More aggressive look will draw more attention. This is a growing class, with BMW X4 and Porsche Macan also being available to buyers.

2023 Mercedes GLC spy photos

2023 Mercedes GLC Spy Photos and Changes

The new vehicle is under the heavy camo. So, it is hard to spot too many details. Still, even without covers, the company would have a lot of time to change small things on the body. The only lead could be the new C-Class sedan, with whom the 2023 Mercedes GLC is going to share the platform. Anyway, the test mule seems to be sized the same as the predecessor. The German carmaker will focus on details and the interior upgrades.

Again, details are unavailable at the moment. The GLC is bringing the latest features, that is for sure. The MBUX infotainment is something really special. But, Mercedes is always a step ahead the competition. Fans can’t wait to see what’s the next stunning features the German company is launching. The GLC belongs to the most popular class and we can speak about it as the flagship model.


Besides the model with the standard chassis, the 2023 Mercedes GLC Coupe is also going to be available. In this case, we still didn’t see any spy shots. It means the coupe version could be out a bit later than the original, boxy crossover. Options for those two are pretty much the same, including engines and trim levels, as well as the AMG package. Differences are in styling. The streamlined roof will cut some space in the back and headroom for passengers in the middle row. On the other hand, the styling is more attractive and the body is aesthetic, making the GLC Coupe faster than the standard version.

2023 Mercedes GLC spy shots

2023 Mercedes GLC Engines, Specs, AMG Model

Under the bonnet of the 2023 Mercedes GLC we’ll see a turbocharged four-pot engine. The base version returns 255 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. That is more than enough for a luxury crossover. But, not for the German carmaker. The next stage in the lineup is the 3.0-liter V6 with 385 horsepower, which makes the GLC a performance vehicle. Still, a six-cylinder unit would be more expensive and consumes extra fuel.

Mercedes is not happy with that, especially knowing about the BMW X3 and X4 M. The 2023 Mercedes AMG GLC 63 is its main rival, but compared to the Bavarian manufacturer, the tri-point star model will use a V8. The twin-turbo system can deliver 470 horsepower. That is still less than the M Performance tuning of the BMW X3 and X4. But, the AMG 63 S will increase the output to more than 500 ponies, making the GLC one of the most powerful models in the market.

EQC All-Electric SUV

Mercedes is producing a hybrid version of the GLC as well. But, it is not available in the US. In Europe, the crossover is using a diesel-based system. the next step in the evolution is the all-electric model. However, this one wouldn’t be too similar to the 2023 Mercedes GLC. Instead, the company is going to deploy the EQ concept, which underpins several other units. The first production units are out in some markets. The range of the EQC is going up to 300 miles. There are a lot of improvements Mercedes has to do before the vehicle hits the US dealerships.

2023 Mercedes GLC spied

2023 Mercedes GLC Release Date

The appearance of prototypes indicates the crossover SUV is in the advanced stages of development. But, we don’t know exactly when will the company release the vehicle. Also, details could change very fast and often, so we can’t speak about the final version. The price can’t go too much higher. The GLC is already one of the most expensive options in the luxury crossover market. The high-end AMG could cost more than $75,000, or even $85k with the AMG 63 S package.

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