2023 Mercedes GLE spy photos

The latest spy photos are indicating the 2023 Mercedes GLE will bring a lot of changes. The mid-cycle redesign of the three-row SUV is coming after four years into the market. The fourth-generation arrived in 2019 and the German carmaker is not going to slow down. The competition is tough and the next GLE is ready to set new challenges.

The SUV comes with plenty of options. Under the hood, there is a four-pot unit as the base setup. Optional engines are six- and eight-cylinder. Both of those higher-end options will receive special treatment with the AMG package. The 2023 Mercedes GLE Coupe offers the same features, but its more attractive look will draw more attention. Well, it comes without the third row.

The redesign will be official soon. Spy photos of the SUV are more frequent. The most recent ones are showing the vehicle with a lot of camouflage. That means only one thing – the number of changes is huge. But, at this moment, not too many details are available.

2023 Mercedes GLE release date

2023 Mercedes GLE Specifications

The main drivetrain for the 2023 Mercedes GLE is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder powertrain. You will agree that this engine is too small for a seven-seater, although it can produce 255 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Only this plant is sending power to rear wheels by default, leaving 4Matic AWD optional, while it is standard on all other versions. You can’t expect great towing capacity results, but even the gas mileage is not too impressive with 19/26 mpg.

It might be good compared to some rivals, but an I-6 is also there for the GLE with 362 hp and 370 lb-ft, returning only 1 combined mpg shorter than the four-pot. Plus, power goes to all four corners. You will find this setup at dealerships as the GLE 450. The top of the range edition is the GLE 580. In this case, the game is at another level with a 4.0-liter V8 and 483 hp. The engine also adds 515 lb-ft.

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AMG Models

The 2023 Mercedes GLE AMG models will enhance both higher-end versions of the SUV. The system centered around the six-cylinder unit is now delivering 430 hp and 385 lb-ft for the AMG 53. If you are ready to splash more than $110k, then the AMG 63 is one of the best available models. Twin-turbo system is boosting a V8 to produce 603 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque. Main upgrades are under the hood, but the AMG package also includes eye-catching details, both inside and outside the vehicle. The price is a stumbling block. So, if you want to buy a lighter AMG 53 version, be ready to spend at least $73,000, while the AMG 63 with 603 horsepower is not going to cost under $115,000 after the redesign.

2023 Mercedes GLE price

2023 Mercedes GLE Features, Spy Photos

It is not easy to keep up the pace with Mercedes. No matter which class is about, the three-point star carmaker is setting new levels of luxury. Everything about the 2023 Mercedes GLE we can call the top-notch. Starting with the interior design and comfort, through safety, and to infotainment. The MBUX is one of the leading systems in the industry. Once you try it, you will forget about all others. The quality of materials is always at the highest level. Well, the company know to charge that, to be honest.

There are still some ultra-luxury features, such as Nappa leather. The third row was a bit tight, while other seats are going to offer plenty of space for passengers. Optionally, the buyers can drop a bench and replace it with captain’s chairs in the middle row. However, it is possible only for the two-row SUVs. Cargo space can expand to 75 cubic feet.

Spy photos of the new 2023 Mercedes GLE were taken in Germany. The company is testing the fresh SUV with plenty of changes. The redesign takes place as the mid-cycle update, and the heavy camouflage confirms the carmaker is hiding details. We will have to wait to see everything the GLE is ready to offer in 2023.

2023 Mercedes GLE amg

2023 Mercedes GLE Prices

The SUV will be out next summer. Sales should start in the fourth quarter of the season. The vehicle is already more expensive than most rivals, so the 2023 Mercedes GLE has no too much room for the price increase. The base MSRP will still be around $55,000. It seems to be at the same level as rivals, but have in mind this is the cost of the SUV with a 2.0 engine. An I6 is going to add around $10,000, while you will have to cash out $80k if you want the GLE with a V8. The AMG 53 model with an enhanced I6 can save some money at $75,000, while the AMG GLE 63 is going to cost more than ever. Some sources claim it will be above $120,000 in 2023.

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