The 2023 Range Rover Sport is going to launch the new generation. The mid-size luxury SUV is the second biggest model in the lineup, but the current series debuted in 2013. Although we saw a couple of facelifts, the Range Rover Sport needs a complete update. Its larger sibling is in the same situation. So, the JLR could focus to the big rig segment and made serious changes on the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The styling is still attractive and one of the most recognizable in the market. All the Range Rover SUVs are making a statement, wherever they appear. Well, that is shown on the price. JLR products are more expensive than German SUVs. There are no doubts about the luxury and prestige features inside the 2023 Range Rover Sport. But, there are a few things that can be better. For example, the third row is tight, even if you select captain’s chairs in the middle. Still, this is an optional upgrade. Meanwhile, the infotainment system is out of date, even compared to other Range Rovers and Land Rovers. The performance is at the top level, even if you take the SUV off the road. This is one of the best combinations of luxury and utility. Expect the JLR to continue delivering it in 2023.

all new 2023 Range Rover Sport


Although the 2023 Range Rover Sport is starting the new generation, we expect the SUV to keep all the engines from the current lineup. Only minor changes are possible. The base offer includes a turbocharged V6 that is good for 355 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque. The same 3.0-liter unit can produce 395 ponies and 405 pound-feet on the P400 version. A lighter platform is going to improve the gas mileage. The 2023 Rover Sport is about to return more than 20 mpg in city drive.

A V8 delivers the best performance, but it also costs the most. You will have to pay at least $100,000 to get one of these. In its base form, the V8 delivers 518 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of twist. Supercharged, the SVR model cranks 575 hp and 515 lb-ft. Of course, the best acceleration and maximum speed require this upgrade.

2023 Range Rover Sport interior

2023 Range Rover Sport Electric and PHEV

An existing plug-in hybrid is under the question mark. Why? The company is planning an all-electric SUV to fight with Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which are going EV in 2023. JLR is one of a few rivals to the most exclusive carmakers in the world. The 2023 Range Rover Sport EV is going to be a competitive model. If the company wants to bring the game to another level, even its larger sibling, Range Rover, is going to get a battery pack.

But, engineers have a tough task. Such a big vehicle needs a lot of power and range, which requires large electric motors. It makes the overall weight go up, damaging agility and range. So, they will have to work hard and stun fans with some evolutionary system that will cover all the needs of a modern driver.

The P400e did it, even with a small 2.0-liter engine. With turbochargers and electric battery, the configuration made it up to 400 horsepower, which is not bad for a mid-size three-row luxury SUV. But, the all-electric model is something else and JLR has a big task.

2023 Range Rover Sport redesign

Every Model Combined With Trim Level

Like always, JLR puts together features and trim levels, making different configurations easy to recognize. Well, the base price of the mid-size luxury SUV is pretty high. The best offer won’t be under $70,000. For that money, you are getting a 355-hp rated V6. Trims available for this unit are P360, SE, and HSE. Different versions of the HSE can also be found in the combination with other engines, but all those packages will add a few more accessories.

Even at the base models, the offer is more than premium. You will get 19-inch wheels, air suspension and all-wheel drive. Well, not unexpected, having in mind the price we pay. Infotainment system will need some attention until you get used to it. But, the new generation should bring simple commands and advanced voice controls. HST features are there for the boosted V6 setup that creates 395 hp (P400). The best options are coming with a V8 engine. P525, HSE Dynamic, and Autobiography are going to upgrade the offer with high-end systems and premium materials. Adaptive cruise control, towing package, HUD, hands-free tailgate, and a few other options are added. Still, the high-end offer is SVR. Besides 575 horsepower, buyers can count on unique styling and interior layout. A 23-speaker Meridian sound system and massaging seats will make you no regret spending $130k for the ride.

If the all-electric 2023 Range Rover Sport happens, the price will probably exceed $150,000. It’s a bit too much for EV. Even Tesla was criticized for the price of the Model X. But, this is Range Rover that wants to compete in the luxury league with Bentley and Rolls-Royce.


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