2023 VW Touareg r

In Europe, it is Touareg. Outside this continent, the mid-size SUV is called Atlas. Well, those two are pretty much the same vehicles, but there are differences. For the German carmaker, the domestic market is a priority. So, the 2023 VW Touareg will introduce a mid-cycle facelift before its counterpart from the US. For now, details are unavailable. However, we can learn something from rumors and speculations.

This is the third generation of the mid-size SUV. The company launched it in 2018. That was the year when the Atlas model came apart from Touareg. Now, it is time for an update. In 2020, the manufacturer added the famous R package. For the 2023 VW Touareg, designers will have more work on the body and cabin. New face, updated side and tail, fresh cabin layout, modernized infotainment and safety systems are what we expect from the SUV. Some clues can be found on other Volkswagen vehicles, such as the smaller Tiguan crossover.

2023 VW Touareg FACELIFT

Will VW Make Electric Touareg?

The flagship model in the current lineup is the R. Unlike other vehicles with this package, the SUV is getting extra power thanks to a plug-in hybrid system. It is a step toward complete electrification.

Volkswagen has an advanced technology under development, called ID. We can already see the first products based on the new architecture. But, those are mostly small vehicles. ID3 and ID4 are compact crossovers. The 2023 VW Touareg is a more serious project when it comes to electrification. So, for now, the biggest SUV in the lineup is not going all-electric. In the future, Touareg EV is very likely to happen.

Is 2023 VW Touareg Coming to the USA?

Another negative response. The company updated the lineup with the Atlas SUV, and it is the model for all non-European markets. In the United States, the mid-size three-row SUV will come with a V6 petrol engine. Also, it makes no sense to build two same vehicles. Since speaking about three-row vehicles, we must also say that Tiguan Allspace is not part of the US plans as well. The compact crossover is available with the third row in some companies.

2023 VW Touareg INTERIOR

2023 VW Touareg R PHEV Specs

The R package is making Volkswagen’s vehicles special. The main upgrade is an enhanced engine with more than 300 horsepower. But, that is worth it for cars using a four-cylinder engine, such as Golf hatchback. The 2023 Volkswagen Touareg will offer a V6 engine with 275 hp. So, climbing up to 300 ponies with a turbo-four configuration is not a special deal.

So, what is the 2023 VW Touareg R? It uses the plug-in hybrid configuration and the total output of this model is 455 hp. Interesting, Atlas is not available with this package yet. That is another proof that the German market is more important to Volkswagen. A V6 petrol engine, combined with an electric motor, is also able to burst 515 pound-feet of torque.


2023 VW Atlas Redesign


Depending on the European country, the SUV is going to offer different configurations. There are petrol and diesel engines available. A 3.6-liter V6 is the same as the one coming for the Atlas in the US. The drivetrain creates 275 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. Power is being sent through an eight-speed automatic transmission to all-wheels (4Motion AWD system). But, compared to Atlas, the 2023 VW Touareg is not going to offer a turbo-four engine. Also, the company dropped a V8. So, the only alternative that uses a gasoline plant is the PHEV. But, R is not all about the engine, but other styling and tech upgrades, making it pretty expensive.

The company plans to drop all diesel engines pretty soon. But, for now, the 2023 Volkswagen Touareg will still use them. A V6 BlueMotion configuration is good for 250 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. Also, there is a V8 model available if you plan to pick up an oil burner. A 4.2-liter displacement can produce 340 hp and 590 lb-ft. Some of those engines will also be available for Atlas, but not in the US.

2023 VW Touareg V8

Exterior Facelift and Interior Changes

For the upcoming model, the company is preparing the redesign. It is part of the mid-cycle update since the current styling dates back from the time when the SUV was introducing the new generation. After five years, the exterior appearance will be fresh thanks to the modifications of the front fascia. Still, there won’t be big changes that will make the 2023 VW Touareg hard to recognize compared to its predecessors.

Inside, the company is working on comfort and safety. The third row can be tight for taller occupants. But, if you don’t need it, you can fold rear seats and make more room for cargo. Sliding second-row seats can be pushed backward, providing more legroom for occupants there. The infotainment system is also under revision.


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