2024 BMW X1 release date

The third generation of the small crossover drew a lot of attention. The German company updated it for the current season, so no big changes should happen on the 2024 BMW X1. Well, it is hard to add something, when the subcompact SUV is equipped with several engine choices, including oil burners for some markets, and even an all-electric powertrain. The front-wheel drive was the entry setup for the X1, but the new generation dropped it and the xDrive now takes the command.

The crossover offers extra space, compared to vehicles of a similar size. Plus, its design is fresh, and the company improved the infotainment system. More safety options are available all across the lineup. The competition in the subcompact luxury segment is not so tough. As the matter of fact, a few carmakers recently discontinued their units. In Europe, X1 and similar SUVs are very popular.

2024 BMW X1

Under the Hood

The only powertrain for the first edition in the US was a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. The company enhanced the outputs to 241 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Like said, the xDrive AWD is standard for all versions. The company might add an entry-level version with front-wheel drive in 2024. A seven-speed automatic transmission is paired with the powerplant. This system will probably be the most efficient in the entire lineup.

In Europe, the X1 is already available with a hybrid configuration. Sources from the company told us the US division is also going to upgrade the lineup, not only with the new drivetrains but also the trim levels. For example, the M package is certain. It can crack more than 300 horsepower, thanks to the enhancement of the same 2.0-liter engine.

2024 BMW X1 Hybrid and All-Electric iX1

The US lineup will definitely introduce a hybrid system in 2024. In Europe, the same petrol engine as the base for further upgrades. Thanks to electric motors, the crossover can burst 320 horsepower. The 2024 BMW X1 hybrid is using plug-in technology. According to first tests, the 0-60 mph acceleration time drops under 6 seconds. Just for comparison, the standard configuration sprints 0-60 in 6.5 sec. What makes this vehicle more impressive, is the electric range of 50 miles.

The 2024 BMW iX1is an all-electric crossover with an even more impressive range. The company said the EV can go 275 miles in a single charge. The iX1 accelerates 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds, and delivers 268 hp. BMW made big improvements in the recharge system. Now, 80 percent of the battery can be back in less than 30 mins. The all-electric X1 crossover should debut together with the PHEV model.

2024 BMW X1 interior

2024 BMW X1 New Options

The German carmaker updated the vehicle. For now, there is only one configuration available in the US market. It combines an entry-level package of equipment with a 2.0 engine. The future is not bringing only new sources of power, but also trim levels. Well, the previous generation didn’t offer a wide choice, since the only package was sDrive28i, and the next best thing was the xDrive system. For example, the X2 has the M Performance equipment. Experts believe this could be the most notable upgrade for the 2024 BMW X1.

Either way, more options should be there for the upcoming season. The market is not so competitive, but BMW must prove the price. The M Sport optional package makes the crossover sportier. New colors refreshed the palette. One or two could be added for the upcoming season. 18-inch wheels are standard and you can also pick 19-inchers. Dakota leather remains an optional upholstery. Plus, there are a few thematic trims for the cabin. Some choices from the Convenience and Premium packages will become standard, and the company is going to revisit optional upgrades.

2024 BMW X1 price

When Will 2024 BMW X1 Be Available?

The car is new and the carmaker provides some time for buyers to get used to the X1 crossover. It won’t take too long before bosses decide to go with the next steps in the evolution. Like said, PHEV and EV are waiting. It is impossible to imagine not seeing those configurations in the US. More details are going to be announced in 2023.

Experts believe the 2024 BMW X1 can debut mid-year, with some of the options we mentioned. Either a plug-in hybrid, EV, or a higher trim level would be a significant upgrade. Also, the sDrive is still an option, since the new X1 is a bit more expensive than fans wanted it to be. The base price stays put – you can get the BMW X1 for $39,500.


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