Next-gen 2024 BMW X3 Spy Photos and Release Date

There are a few certain things about the 2024 BMW X3 and a lot of speculations. We know that the SUV is entering the next generation with a new platform. Also, the iX3 will be an electric model based on the same architecture. The X3 will be bigger. And that is pretty much all we can guarantee.

Takes from the rumors mill are making the 2024 BMW X3 even more interesting. The SUV might become a mid-size model, slotted under X5. All drivetrains will get a boost, including hybrid systems. Spy photos are not showing a lot, but camouflage is definitely hiding new stuff BMW doesn’t want to unveil before the official debut.

Again, a petrol engine is the base one, probably a four-banger that will make the price more affordable. A six-cylinder plant creates more power, but also increases the cost. Hybrid will fix that. However, the most impressive package is the M Performance, especially if the company brings back the Competition add-on. The X3 was the most powerful small SUV with 500+ hp coming from a high-output I6 unit.

2024 BMW X3

What to Expect? 2024 BMW X3 Spy Photos

The prototype of the new 2024 BMW X3 is being tested for a while. Fans spotted it a few months ago. Rumors are floating around for even longer. Test mules are both showing and hiding a lot. We can’t see details thanks to the heavy camo. But, hidden parts are most likely new. With so many covers, the X3 is going to bring a lot of novelties. The body seems to be longer, and the grille is larger. Well, it is not as huge as some memes were showing.

The most recent spy photos indicated that the interior is under big reconstruction. German manufacturers didn’t try to hide the glass dashboard, similar to the one we saw on bigger siblings. Gauge and infotainment screens are now on one big display. When it comes to the rest of the cabin, BMW hid it, trying to preserve the fresh look for the premiere.

2024 BMW X3 spy shots


Like designers, the engineers also have a lot of work with the 2024 BMW X3. The small SUV will definitely come with significant upgrades under the hood. The base version probably remains a turbo-four unit. For the compact class, it produces more than enough power, even for the luxury vehicle, where everything is at a higher level. So, that is where the I6 engine steps in. However, the X3 in 2024, this one is getting hybrid support to enhance outputs and boost gas mileage. Plus, a plug-in variant called xDrive30e is about to drive 50 miles on an electric powertrain only.

Also, a diesel engine is still there, but not for the US market. It can deliver 220 hp, which is significantly under the level of the six-pot petrol mill and 360 ponies.

All-Electric BMW iX3 is Finally Coming Out!

Not only the German carmaker but also the entire automotive industry invests more into EVs. Well, the iNext and iPerformance concepts are already getting old. But, those were the bases and phases of development of the 2024 BMW iX3, the electric crossover SUV. The new vehicle is going to use the same platform as the standard model. Instead of an internal combustion engine, the EV is using batteries. Of course, the company is not unveiling details yet, like we used to see in the previous text about the standard X3. But, we have sources telling us the electric SUV will cover around 250 miles in the base form. The additional electric motor can enhance performance, but this one is still under reconsideration. The price of the upgraded system will be high, which will be reflected on the MSRP.

2024 BMW X3 concept

2024 BMW X3 M and Competition Package

The best version of the small SUV is definitely the one with a high-end engine configuration and unique styling tweaks. Yes, the 2024 BMW X3 M will cost $75,000, at least, but no other compact luxury SUV can compete with it. Maybe the Mercedes GLC if the tri-point star company upgrades the AMG package. Meanwhile, the X3 M will burst at least 475 horsepower. It is enough to reach 60 mph in 3.9 seconds. The official time of the M model enhanced by the Competition package is 3.7 seconds, thanks to the 30 horsepower boost. It costs $10k more but delivers an exclusive performance. There are aftermarket upgrades that will take the outputs to 750 hp, but in this case, you will lose the warranty. The company still covers the M Competition upgrade.

2024 BMW X3 Release Date

The all-new model will arrive soon. We won’t wait for too long, since the test mules are already out. That indicates the last phases of development. By the end of this year, the 2024 BMW X3 will be in salons. The price will depend on the level of upgrades, so we can’t compare it to the current list. For sure, costs won’t be lower.

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