2024 BMW X6 m competition

It is not easy to find an SUV looking better than the 2024 BMW X6. The company sacrifices some practicality to make its sport activity vehicle look more attractive. And the German carmaker did it again.

There will be three engine options again. A turbocharged I6 is not as spectacular as a V8, especially if you take the configuration from the M package. Well, this 600-hp rated SUV is not for everyone. After the redesign, we expect it to reach 60 mph in less time than before.

Designers revisited the 2024 BMW X6. It is not an all-new vehicle, but the small refresh will draw attention. There are a few minor exterior touches that make the difference compared to the previous version. Inside, the SUV is still a two-row model with limited cargo space because of the sloped roofline.

2024 BMW X6

2024 BMW X6 Changes

When the X6 showed up for the first time, many experts had doubts about the success. Now, it is one of the best-looking SUVs on the streets. The company sells it worldwide. The price is hefty, so not too many enthusiasts can afford the SAV, but the fan base is huge. BMW surprised them with the facelift for the 2024 YM.

The German carmaker calls it the LCI – Life Cycle Impulse. The grille is the same in style and size. Headlights are sleeker than before and the specific arrow-like design is eye-catching. It is easy to spot new air intakes, which make the 2024 BMW X6 even more aggressive. Designers also prepared special parts for the M60i version.

Like for the front fascia, the rear end also gets new lights. We already saw similar 3D solutions on smaller X3 and X5. Quad-exhaust pipes stick out. To complete the update, designers refreshed the color palette. Standard offer includes these paintjobs Brooklyn Grey, Blue Ridge Mountain, Skyscraper Grey, and Frozen Pure Grey. The M package brings a familiar color – Isle of Man Green. BMW fans know it from the X3 lineup.

2024 BMW X6 interior


Not only the styling but also the powertrain lineup is making the 2024 BMW X6 so special. Well, here you won’t find too many changes. There is no need since the competition can’t cope with the performance of the German coupe SUV.

It all starts with a 3.0-liter turbocharged I6 unit. The entry-level package delivers 375 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. Of course, the xDrive AWD is standard and an 8-speed transmission sends power to axles. Compared to the previous version, this is a 40-hp boost that should lead to better performance. Also, expect the X6 to consume more fuel.

An alternative, and our recommendation, is a V8 unit. It wasn’t enhanced for the 2024 BMW X6 M60i, and the vehicle makes 523 hp and 553 lb-ft. Only the M Performance package can beat this. Do not be surprised by the price gap, since the V8 engine will add nearly $20k over the base version. As the consolidation reward, the X6 M60i also adds plenty of hi-tech features.

Unbridled Power of the 2024 BMW X6 M Competition

When it comes to performance, nothing beats the 2024 BMW X6 M Competition. Well, there are a few more powerful SUVs in the market nowadays, but the overall impression is definitely making the German SUV stand out. But, before you purchase the Competition package, we can say that X6 M is the base. A 4.4-liter V8 unit was able to score 600 horsepower. The new edition is not out yet. Fans hope engineers could enhance it further. If not, there is still the Competition package that adds 17 horsepower. The gas guzzler will take you to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds (or 3.8 if you stick to the base version). Other acceleration numbers are also impressive.

new 2024 BMW X6

Is the 2024 BMW X6’s Hefty Price Tag Worth the Investment?

The redesign brought a price bump. The 2024 BMW X6 will now cost around $74,000 with a six-pot unit. With a V8 engine, the price is $20,000 higher. The top of the range version, X6 M exceeds the $130,000 tag.

So, the base version is somehow affordable if we compare it to other big luxury SUVs and high-end X6s. On the other hand, for the best experience, you will have to swim into six-digit price waters.

The competition is not huge. Well, people invest into practicality, rather than an attractive look. Other coupe SUVs you can find in the market are Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes GLE.


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