2024 Ford Escape News: EV Debuts

The 2024 Ford Escape is a reliable and versatile compact crossover. The Blue Oval badge sold a lot of those and that is not happening by chance. Compared to rivals, Escape offers more. There are no too many other vehicles that can keep pace with the innovations the crossover is bringing. When other carmakers think they are catching up, Ford announces future plans and Escape EV.

Well, this is just one of the options the wide lineup of the small SUV is going to offer. Also, it comes after the PHEV version. Plus, the Escape Hybrid is still the best compact crossover when it comes to gas mileage with 44 mpg. Then, there is a performance version with 250 horsepower, but it is not the Escape ST. If this one happens, we can expect it to crack more than 300 ponies.

Furthermore, the lineup of trim levels will be even wider in the 2024 season. And the vehicle already offers plenty of options through standard packages and additional upgrades. The ST-Line Elite is the new top of the range model. Hybrid and PHEV offer SE, SEL and Titanium packages.

2024 Ford Escape interior

2024 Ford Escape Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2024 Ford Escape is a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine. This I3 unit can produce 180 horsepower, which is enough for this segment. Anyway, its biggest rival, Toyota Rav4 puts out 204 hp. Ford is not concerned about it. The base version also delivers 190 lb-ft of twist and accelerates 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds. Of course, the compact SUV is not the best option for towing. Still, properly equipped, the capacity raises to 3,500 lbs. In the base form, its limit is 1,500 pounds. The focus is on the gas mileage and 28/34 mpg is a superb output. It drops if you select an all-wheel drive. All across the lineup an 8-pace automatic gearbox is a power router.

There is another classic configuration available for the crossover. A 2.0-liter turbo-four engine is ready to deliver 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, but it is not enough to be a center of the 2024 Ford Escape ST model. This one would bring more power and sporty upgrades all around the body. Meanwhile, an upgraded system with extra power speeds up the 0-60 mph sprint and stops the clock after 5.7 seconds. Although this is not the ST model, it features performance tires, a special grille, and sports details inside the cabin.

2024 Ford Escape redesign

Hybrid and PHEV Systems

Compact crossovers are favorites for a hybrid upgrade. On smaller siblings, these systems don’t benefit so much. On larger SUVs, the towing capacity suffers and overall performance. For small crossovers, you get some extra power and a lot of miles over the standard systems. The 2024 Ford Escape Hybrid delivers 200 hp and improves the mileage to 44/39 mpg. It is still the class-leading number in the US. A 2.5-liter petrol engine is the center of this setup and batteries do an extra job. The PHEV model is using the same powertrain, but larger electric motors. Outputs are the same, and the plug-in hybrid can be driven solely by electric power. The range of this mode is 37 miles.

2024 Ford Escape EV

So, this is just a sneak preview of what we expect from the 2024 Ford Escape EV. After the plug-in hybrid, an all-electric crossover is coming. The US company has already launched a few vehicles with this type of powerplant. However, details about the Escape EV are unavailable yet. We will know more about the small SUV in 2023. It is likely that the model comes with the next big redesign, which comes with the 2025 YM. Still, the 2024 Escape EV would be a concept vehicle, and it could be released before its siblings. The range should be at least 250 miles. Still, Ford has a lot of work, not only around this crossover but also recharging systems and networks.

2024 Ford Escape phev interior

Features and Accessories

The base Escape is available in four trim levels. The entry-level package costs $29,000. The Active model upgrades the standard offer and it is so far the most popular choice. Surprisingly, since the ST-Line costs only $1,000 higher. Do not mix it up with the ST. But, the lighter version of the sporty package brings some features from the popular badge, but not a high-performance engine. The ST-Line can be upgraded to the Select and Elite editions, which is the most expensive configuration. The Escape Platinum can also be considered as the premium trim level.

If you are after a hybrid model, its price starts from $32,000 for the SE package. The Escape Hybrid SEL is the mid-range offer and the Titanium is the most expensive package with the $37,000 price tag. The PHEV adds $5,000.

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