2024 Ford Explorer EV announced

It is the logical installment of the recent upgrades on the mid-size SUV. The new Explorer is already using electric support. Well, we would rather see a PHEV system from the Lincoln Aviator. But, the standard hybrid is making a difference. The 2024 Ford Explorer EV is going to rise the game to another level.

There are no secrets about the electrification of the entire Blue Oval company lineup. It is just a matter of time and order of appearance. For now, there is an F-150 Lighting truck and a Mustang-based Mach-E SUV. According to multiple sources, the next one in the line is the 2024 Ford Explorer EV. Even the company bosses confirmed the plan, but it was a year ago. Meanwhile, we got zero feedback from Ford about the electric Explorer.

2024 Ford Explorer EV price

Why Explorer?

By 2030, 40 percent of Ford vehicles will be EVs. One of them is definitely the mid-size SUV. The company kicks off with F-150 Lighting, Mach-E SUV, and E-Transit van. Since those are vehicles of a similar size, the 2024 Ford Explorer EV would be the least pain for designers and engineers. Still, the carmaker can’t only carry over architecture and batteries between segments. Explorer is one of the flagship SUVs, so it needs special treatment.

Well, it has been always the flagship model. The SUV is available with multiple choices, including a hybrid drivetrain, and a performance-oriented ST package. The most recent upgrade is the King Ranch model. So, the electric version wouldn’t be a big surprise.

Another reason why we believe in Explorer as the next electric vehicle is Ford’s wish to establish dominance in the segment. Tesla is considered as the premium carmaker, and all other new arrivals are luxury SUVs, including Cadillac Lyriq. So actually, this is going to be a race between Ford and Toyota, whose Highlander is beating the Blue Oval and Explorer in a hybrid world. It was the first three-row SUV with such a drivetrain, and now it can deliver 35 mpg.

2024 Ford Explorer EV interior
Interior might be inspired by the new Mustang Mach-E

What We Know So Far?

There are a few certain things about the 2024 Ford Explorer EV. First, there is a big electrification process. Plus, spokesmen mentioned the SUV. That is enough to know the EV is coming. But, everything beyond that is just speculation. We assume the best option for the Explorer EV is to come out somewhere next year, as the 2024 YM. Also, we expect more info about the range and batteries, as well as the versions of the SUV. Of course, it is not going to be a simple edition with a single choice. Long-range and performance models are expected. Here, we can also predict some things by comparing Explorer to existing EVs. Still, engineers will have a lot of work to do, so any right guess would be pure luck.

2024 Ford Explorer EV

When Will 2024 Ford Explorer EV Be Available?

It is late to see the Explorer EV as the 2023 YM. That gives more time to designers and engineers to work on the new project. It is also a guess, but the SUV should be out somewhere during next year. More details will be available in a few months since it is still early to discuss a final version of a 2024 year model.

Source: Car and Driver


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