2024 Genesis GV80 Arrives as a Coupe SUV with a Hybrid Engine

Big news is available about the 2024 Genesis GV80. The luxury vehicle is going to debut as the coupe SUV. Standard body configuration already made a strong impact and lived up the expectations. Now, the company is working on upgrades and the next build will be a coupe body. Also, the GV lineup of luxury SUVs will expand. Besides the GV70 and GV60, the GV90 EV might debut soon.

Besides the new body, the 2024 Genesis GV80 is coming mostly unchanged. It is not time for the redesign yet. The old look can still serve for a couple of more seasons. In 2025 or 2026, the carmaker will update the GV80. Until then, most things will remain the same, with a few additional options each year to keep the offer fresh.

2024 Genesis GV80 hybrid

News: 2024 Genesis GV80 Coupe

On the official website, the 2024 Genesis GV80 coupe is still a concept vehicle. But, the company won’t wait for too long before they start production. We know that the upcoming SUV will be driver-centered. However, its look is drawing attention. The company calls this approach the “Athletic Elegance” and there are some distinctive styling solutions. Furthermore, the GV80 Coupe brings a unique Magma paintjob, inspired by Korean culture.

The SUV comes with a special front grille and quad lights. The hood is also interesting, reminds us of some muscle cars. A sloped roofline will make the GV80 Coupe more aesthetic, although the cargo space is suffering. To enhance the aerodynamics, the SUV is getting a rear spoiler and two-line tail lights.

The interior is inspired by racing cars, with sports buckets. There are four seats inside. Everything is on a higher level for the 2024 Genesis GV80 Coupe – unique design, safety, and advanced accessories.

News: 2024 Genesis GV80 Hybrid

The company wasn’t announcing details about new drivetrains when the GV80 was debuting. Now, we expect a hybrid unit but still don’t know what will be under the hood. All the options are open – engineers can use one of the existing configurations and enhance them with an electric unit, or the 2024 Genesis GV80 Hybrid will be a new system. The closest sibling to the luxury SUV is Hyundai Palisade. The non-premium SUV is yet to introduce a hybrid drivetrain. Hyundai has a few systems, but for smaller crossovers and none of them is good enough for three-row vehicles.

2024 Genesis GV80 interior

Other Engines and Specs

The 2024 Genesis GV80 will definitely stick to the existing lineup of powertrains. The base one is not impressive, having in mind the SUV belongs to the luxury segment. But, a 2.5-liter turbo-four can still crack 300 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque. Standard pieces of the configuration are an 8-speed auto gearbox and an all-wheel drive.

Definitely more suitable system for the mid-size luxury SUV is centered around a V6 unit. It is also turbocharged. Engineers squeezed 375 hp and 390 lb-ft from a 3.5-liter displacement. This setup makes the GV80 stand out. We still don’t know what kind of drivetrain the Coupe is going to use. Rivals, such as Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6, are using really potent V8 plants.

Packages and Accessories

Standard, Advanced and Prestige are the packages available for the SUV. Even the base offer is going to be enough for many demanding buyers. There are 19-inch wheels, a 5-seat layout, a power liftgate, simulated leather, navigation, a huge infotainment screen, parking sensors, and many more advanced features. With a V6 engine, you also get larger wheels and adaptive suspension.

The Advanced trim adds a panoramic roof, leather seats with heating and cooling, premium Lexicon audio with 21 speakers, and a 360-degree camera. There are more options for the buyers of a more potent engine. The Advanced+ adds the third row of seats.

The 2024 Genesis GV80 Prestige packs the SUV with huge 22-inch wheels, adaptive suspension, tri-climate automatic climate, HUD, captain seats in the second row, and noise cancellation. Besides a more potent unit, the 3.5T version with Prestige package also adds upscale leather upholstery with a suede headliner, power-adjustable and ventilate second row and soft-close doors.

2024 Genesis GV80 coupe hybrid

2024 Genesis GV80 Full Pricing

The GV80 is a premium SUV and don’t expect a bargain. Small modifications will make the 2024 YM a bit more expensive than its predecessor. The base price won’t be under $60,000. Advanced package adds $5,000 and Prestige at least $12k. If you opt for a turbo-six, the pricing starts at $65,000 and climbs up to $70k with Advanced trim, or nearly $80,000 if you want the Prestige. The high-end Prestige Signature top the lineup. The 2024 GV Coupe will be more expensive than the model with the classic bodyline. Upgrades are about to increase the price by at least $5,000 if the same packages are compared. The sports SUV might drop the entry-level Standard edition and use Advanced, Prestige, and maybe some additional unique grade.

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