2024 Honda Element Rumors: Comeback, Hybrid, Off-Road Vehicle

All we know about the 2024 Honda Element are still rumors. The small SUV is definitely one of the most interesting models the Japanese company ever launched. Owners of this vehicle can’t wait to see and buy the new version. But, there are plenty of questions. The main one is – what will be carried over from the old model that made Element so popular?

Reliability is the main upside of the crossover. Well, all of Honda’s vehicles are well-known as long-lasting. But, the Element takes it to another dimension. Then, the small SUV was very, very practical. Maybe we can put a few more ‘very’ there. This model picked up a few awards, including the most pet-friendly vehicle in the market.

On the other hand, the boxy design is eye-catching, and practical, but not too aesthetic. It affects driving skills and fuel economy. Honda will definitely have to fix them before launching the new 2024 Element. Of course, plenty of things have changed since the last appearance, but the popularity among old fans is not fading away.

2024 Honda Element comeback

What Rumors Say?

Ever since its discontinuation, fans discuss the comeback. But, for now, the company is quiet and doesn’t show any signs or intentions to bring back the old nameplate. Nevertheless, other things can serve as the foundation for rumors. For example, Honda needs such an eye-catching small SUV. Also, there are slots in the lineup that Element can fill. The latest and the loudest speculation is about the off-road SUV. For now, the company doesn’t have such a specialist. But, the 2024 Honda Element could compete with Ford Bronco Sport or a 2-door Jeep Wrangler. Also, more such vehicles could appear soon. So, Honda will have to act fast to stay competitive.

One of the reasons for discontinuation was economy crisis when the previous Element was supposed to get a big portion of changes. All the development and building a new vehicle would cost too much. Now, the situation is not much better because of the effects from the COVID outbreak. But, the competition is moving on, and Honda needs something to draw attention. The comeback of an old model would definitely lure old fans, plus new buyers would like to test something fresh.

2024 Honda Element interior

What We Hear From Old Fans?

All they do is praising and wait for the new 2024 Honda Element. Some of those vehicles are over 300k miles, and owners never complain. Bad comments are rare. So, the first thing the company has to guarantee is such reliability. Then, the vehicle is so practical. There is no too much space in the back, but the headroom is generous thanks to the boxy look and tall stance. Anyway, we doubt that the same design language will be used on the new Element. That will definitely affect the practicality. Nevertheless, designers will try to make it up with something.

2024 Honda Element Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are taking over the market. Just look at the lineups of Ford and Toyota. More and more such configurations are available. Well, Honda is not too bad here too. The CR-V hybrid is one of the most efficient compact crossovers. Its 42 mpg is beaten just by the Ford Escape. Those numbers will definitely suit any vehicle, including the 2024 Honda Element hybrid. That is why we hear rumors about this kind of powertrain. Besides the CR-V, the Japanese company lacks hybrid systems in other segments. We spotted a prototype of the Pilot SUV, but it never appeared. Even Acura MDX with a hybrid engine is off now.

2024 Honda Element

2024 Honda Element Off-Road SUV

Another interesting rumor about the Element is that the crossover should fit into the off-road lineup. While Honda has some kind of pedigree in the hybrid world, their vehicles are not so known as off-roaders. But, it is never late to change the situation in the market. The 2024 Honda Element would be a versatile small SUV, with excellent performance in various terrains. But, we assume that the main focus should be on the road and especially urban areas.

2024 Honda Element Release Date and Price

As a small SUV or a crossover, the estimated price for the Element is between $25,000 and $30,000, depending on options. Of course, this prediction is made for the base version with conventional engines and equipment. Upgrades for an off-road drive, or a hybrid configuration, will definitely push the price over $30k. With limited details, we can’t predict the price precisely.

The release date is also under the question mark. The season 2023 has started, so the 2024 Honda Element should debut pretty soon if it is coming next year. For now, there are any indications from reliable sources and official bodies. So, all we can do is wait and look up for hints. One thing is sure – Honda will make many people happy with the comeback of the Element.


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