2024 Honda Pilot trailsport

The company brought only a few changes for the new season. So, expectations from the 2024 Honda Pilot are huge. We won’t see a hybrid engine before the redesign. Meanwhile, the 2023 YM offers the TrailSport package for off-road adventures. On the other hand, the following edition should bring an all-new SUV, nine years after the Pilot stormed into the market with the current styling. Besides the fresh look, the vehicle is also bringing more options for the engine room. It’s been three or four years since we are expecting a hybrid configuration. If Honda misses it again, their vehicle will hardly be competitive again.

The SUV is a reliable and versatile vehicle, and the carmaker will try to keep those characteristics. However, the 2024 Honda Pilot will need improvements, not only in segments where it was good. The competition is tougher, and the mid-size three-row class is one of the hottest markets nowadays. The arrival of the hybrid setup would definitely help. But, it will be part of the new generation fans already expect for a few years.

2024 Honda Pilot spy photos

Redesign Was Delayed Too Many Times

The all-new Pilot is probably coming. Honda is still one of the leading carmakers and they won’t waste the opportunity to stay competitive in one of the most popular classes in the market. The current generation of the SUV debuted in 2015 and it was a blast. That is why fans and experts are waiting for the 2024 Honda Pilot so eagerly.

The company didn’t make it official. But, there are strong indications that the entire crossover and SUV fleet will be revisited in the next 2-3 seasons. As the flagship model and the largest SUV, the 2024 Pilot redesign should be one of the top priorities. The new generation of the SUV can’t wait any longer. After that, Honda can revisit CR-V and Passport.

Engine Specs

The 2024 Honda Pilot will probably continue using a 3.5-liter V6 engine. It is the largest unit the company is installing in its vehicles. However, the trend of downsizing powertrains is pretty popular. More SUVs are now available with turbo-four configurations instead of setups centered around V6 engines. The same goes for big rigs and their eight-cylinder powertrains. Well, Pilot needs a lot of juice to run smoothly. Turbo-four units can deliver the same amount of power and torque, but drivers don’t like lags.

A 3.5-liter V6 is also very durable. That is also one of the big reasons why the company wants it back for the 2024 Honda Pilot. However, it will be a fight of interests. In case that V6 comes back, you can count on 290 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque, at least. Minor modifications and redesign could improve the gas mileage.

2024 Honda Pilot hybrid

2024 Honda Pilot Hybrid Spy Photos

Hybrid SUV was spotted a long time ago. Honda was testing a plug-in hybrid variant, but it is yet to hit production. The SUV needs a redesign, but it also needs another option under the hood. The company can avoid downsizing the engine, but some kind of hybrid setup is becoming one of the requirements for success in the market. Just as the example – Toyota Highlander can return 35 mpg. There are also a few other mid-size SUVs running around 30 mpg combined.

The latest reports indicate that the 2024 Honda Pilot hybrid can go straight with the plug-in system. It promises more power and potential to drive the SUV by using only electric power. On the other hand, the production and parts are more expensive. So, the savings in the gas mileage would take a bit more to cover the investment.

2024 Honda Pilot redesign

2024 Honda Pilot TrailSport

The company introduced a new package for the current version. The 2024 Honda Pilot TrailSport will come out again with the new generation of SUV. This is the off-road specialist. Upgrades that enhance the 4×4 ride are increased suspension, skid plates for additional protection, an improved AWD system, all-terrain tires, and recovery points at both ends. It is one of the most exciting versions of the SUV. But, the competition is not too serious, since most of the other packages are around for a while. Buyers are always looking for fresh versions.


The 2024 Pilot should debut late in 2023, and the TrailSport is just one of the many versions we’ll see when the SUV hits the dealerships. There is no word about the price, but it goes up for sure. Hybrid and PHEV systems are even more expensive. Honda fans will also see the new CR-V compact crossover and Passport two-row SUV, but a lot different than its larger sibling.


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