new 2024 Jeep Avenger

European journalists and experts from 27 countries voted the Avenger the car of the year. That is the green light for the company to start building the vehicle. Well, the 2024 Jeep Avenger is coming to Europe first. It is positioned under the Renegade as the smallest crossover by the carmaker. But, the Avenger belongs to a totally new realm, since it is using electric batteries as the powertrain.

Expectations from the 2024 Jeep Avenger are pretty high, according to the first analyses. There are many other competitors in Europe, and the small SUV already took the first award, although being introduced just a few months ago. We’ll see if the production version can carry on this burden. After the release of the EV, there should also be a hybrid version of the crossover. The STLA platform underpins the Avenger, as well as its hybrid sibling.

The production starts later this year. The vehicle is going to be available in Europe, and the company will also sell it to Japan and South Korea. The biggest markets in the world are not yet in the plan –North America and China. PSA needs to move production to reduce the price of the vehicle and make it competitive.

2024 Jeep Avenger release date

Avenger’s History

This is not the first time a vehicle named Avenger is going to be at dealerships. Buyers in the US still remember the sedan by Dodge. Well, this carmaker is also part of the big automotive corporation called PSA, including Jeep, Peugeot, GM Europe, Opel, and others. The last car we saw in the US was produced in 2014. So, after ten years, the nameplate is back, but under the Jeep logo and as a crossover. It is not the first time to see such switches. Ram trucks are still being called Dodge Ram trucks. The Avenger was even driven in NASCAR in 2007. It replaced the famous Charger, but it lasted only for a season.

In conclusion – the new 2024 Jeep Avenger has nothing to do with the old sedan. We still doubt the same nameplate is the same by chance. The company probably still holds rights to this trademark in the automotive industry and the name is very catchy.

2024 Jeep Avenger

New 2024 Jeep Avenger – Electric and PHEV Models

There will be two versions of the crossover available to buyers. More noise comes from an EV with a 400 V motor. According to the news, this battery can deliver 155 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. For the subcompact segment, that is more than enough. The company promised 250 miles of range. This is going to be a competitive output that will put the 2024 Jeep Avenger right next to the Hyundai Kona EV and Kia Niro EV. An upgraded model will be released later with 330 miles of range.

Before that happens, the plug-in hybrid system will also become available for the small SUV. The platform supports both types of drivetrain and engineers will have a chance to explore PHEV compatibility. This model will be out as the 2024 Jeep Avenger 4xe. We already saw this badge on the Wrangler SUV. Well, the Avenger PHEV won’t be as powerful as the legendary off-roader. Still, outputs are not available yet. From what we saw at auto shows where the crossover was shown, you can expect some off-road gear as well.

2024 Jeep Avenger interior

Release Date

The concept was presented in 2022 and the positive feedback will definitely make Jeep speed up the final phases of development. Well, marketing agencies are working, and the Avenger already collected some awards. Still, it is a long way to go before the crossover meets expectations and positions well in the market.

Why is the 2024 Jeep Avenger so important? Well, it is the small EV crossover that will compete in the growing market. But, there are a few things beyond that. For example, there are no plans of bringing it to the US market. The focus there is on big rigs, such as Wagoneer SUV, or Gladiator truck. On the other hand, the expansion of hybrid units is good news for fans in North America. Jeep needs to catch up with the competition in this segment, not only when we speak of small crossovers, but also big family SUVs. Ford and Toyota are dominating here, and even Korean companies are showing signs of evolution. Such a big alliance of carmakers must be innovative in all areas.


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