2024 Jeep Renegade price

Jeep people always put in extra effort for every season. The small Renegade went through the facelift only once in its 10-year run, but all other years gave us small updates and upgrades. And now, it is time for the all-new 2024 Jeep Renegade. The redesign and the second generation are coming, although you might hear rumors about the discontinuation. No official statement is made, and these rumors are being floating around for a while. Even if the Mini Jeep or Baby Wrangler shows up, those models won’t replace the Renegade.

The small crossover has everything you expect from a Jeep. The seven-slot grille is not as aggressive as for some big SUVs. Still, it is there. Powertrains are capable and you can still go off the road with the 2024 Jeep Renegade. The Trailhawk package is the upgrade you want for adventures. Of course, like every bigger sibling, the Renegade offers several other grades and options. So, it is really fun to build a perfect configuration.

2024 Jeep Renegade redesign

Engine, Hybrid

The Renegade has been in the market for ten years. Over the past decade, we saw 10 or more engines in all markets where the crossover is appearing. Fast forward to 2023 – there is only one setup for buyers in the US. The 2024 Jeep Renegade will carry over the existing engine, that is for sure. A 1.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder mill can deliver 177 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque. Outputs are higher than averages for the subcompact class. The redesign should make the new model more aesthetic, aerodynamic and efficient. Currently, the gas mileage is at 28 mpg combined. The new Renegade will hit 30 mpg with the same unit.

One of the main complaints is about the lack of hybrid units. The upcoming crossover is about to bring some kind of electric support. In some markets, Renegade is already available in the PHEV form. The same turbo-four 1.3 mill gets a boost from electric motors. The total is 237 hp and the PHEV system also offers 26 miles of electric range. We’ll see what Jeep plans to do in the US with hybrid mills. Eventually, the crossover will become a pure EV.

The 2024 Jeep Renegade Hybrid is possible, but the vehicle is not going to use a diesel engine. At least not in the US. A couple of MultiJet setups are available in selected markets. But, the company will try to drop oil burners sooner or later and make more room for zero-emission powertrains.

2024 Jeep Renegade phev

2024 Jeep Renegade New Generation vs Discontinuation

This is still one of the hottest topics when speaking about the Renegade. It is the smallest crossover in the lineup. Some experts thought it can replace Compass, which is still popular as the compact crossover. So, since that spot is taken, fans want to know what will happen to their favorite vehicle. Of course, there are opposite opinions. After ten years, the carmaker will definitely have to do something radical – either to deliver an all-new 2024 Jeep Renegade or to replace it.

A couple of seasons ago, some enthusiasts released a render of the Mini Jeep, the Baby Wrangler SUV, which was about to become a new subcompact crossover. It didn’t take too long to speculations to start floating around – the Baby Jeep as the replacement for the Renegade. The subcompact crossover is not a hot seller, but it is still very popular around the world. However, after two years, there is no any signal from the company, so it seems the 2024 Jeep Renegade stays available.

But, after so many years, we want a complete redesign. The crossover needs it to stay competitive. The second generation is probably the solution. Renegade had a lot of success in past ten years, so there is no reason to drop it and leave the subcompact crossover slot vacant. Also, Jeep would leave more sales to the competition.

2024 Jeep Renegade release date

When Will All-New 2024 Jeep Renegade Arrive?

The release date for the 2024 Jeep Renegade heavily depends on other projects. Of course, the company is one of the biggest carmakers in the USA and the world, but market conditions dictate priorities. Currently, trucks and compact crossovers are the hottest classes. Also, Jeep introduced a full-size Wagoneer recently. We can also hear news about the Dakota truck, although the Gladiator brought back the Jeep badge to the pickup world after 30 years.

Renegade will face some serious competition in the small SUVs segment. Chevy Trax is a leader in sales. Ford also plans to replace the EcoSport, Toyota is redesigning C-HR, and the Honda HR-V is already new. There are no too many premium models in this size. BMW X1, Volvo XC40, Lexus UX, and Audi Q3 are some of the options if you want to spend extra bucks for advanced tech, upscale materials and unique details.


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