2024 KIA Sportage interior

The all-new Sportage brought a lot of noise to the compact crossover market. Well, the small SUV is bigger than before. It is closer to the mid-size segment and the dimensions of the Sorento 3-row SUV. Anyway, updated styling and interior are pretty interesting. The Korean carmaker took a radical approach, so not everyone would be happy with the futuristic nose.

We can talk all day about the novelties on the 2024 KIA Sportage. But, one thing is missing – a hybrid engine. Crossovers that lead sales offer fuel-efficient configurations supported by electric motors. This is the biggest downside of the new model. Experts believed Kia will follow the footsteps of the Hyundai Tucson and make a similar hybrid engine. But, for now, we can only believe that Sportage is going to test the new technology.

Updated trim levels offer a lot of building fun. We would recommend the X-Pro version for those willing to spend extra. But, it is a significant investment over the base model and its $26,500 price tag.

2024 KIA Sportage hybrid phev

Versions, Features and Prices

The entry-level model of the 2024 KIA Sportage remains the LX. This is one of the most affordable buys, starting under $26,500. Alloy wheels are there from the start, with LED lights, tinted glasses, remote keyless entry, and a huge 12.3-inch infotainment screen. If you are after Toyota or Ford models, this would be an optional upgrade, or feature from the mid-range grade.

The Sportage EX adds larger wheels, heated mirrors, hands-free keyless entry, remote start with a push button system, dual-zone climate, simulated leather and heated front seats. Kia Connect services are also part of the EX package, as well as the navigation and rear USB ports. Interesting safety feature is the “    Safe exit assist”, the system that warns passengers when it is not safe to open the door and step outside the vehicle.

The X-Line is a cool mid-range package with an all-wheel drive system. The package adds 19-inch wheels and roof rails. Gloss black trims are the trademark details on this version. Probably the most important upgrade, which will make an off-road drive safer, is an extra inch of ground clearance.

2024 KIA Sportage X-Pro and SX

The X-Pro is there for serious off-road adventures. It takes off the X-Line and adds 17-inch wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. There are a few drive modes available, including Normal, Smart, Snow and Sport. Heated windshields will also help in cold conditions. You can also make this crossover a premium off-roader if you add the Prestige bundle.

The Sportage SX brings some advanced technology. For example, the driver’s bucket memory settings, premium sound, and adaptive cruise control are exclusive to this trim. But, that is not all. The SX Prestige takes the game to the next level. With automatic brakes, 360-degree camera, parking sensors, heated steering wheel, power-adjustable seats and special 19-inch wheels.

The price of the SX models is between $32,000 and $34,000. The X-Pro starts from $35,500 and you can make it to $40k. The base LX is one of the most affordable crossovers at dealerships ($26,500). The EX is a $2k upgrade, and for the X-Line AWD you need to pay $5,000 over the first price.

2024 KIA Sportage x pro

2024 KIA Sportage Must Get a Hybrid

The best is left for the 2024 season. The debut of the new crossover drew a lot of attention. However, there was a surprise – the company announced the hybrid model, but it was not available immediately. So, we have to wait a bit and see the new configuration.

The 2024 KIA Sportage Hybrid is going to use a 1.6-liter turbo-four engine in a combination with a couple of electric batteries. The new system is not only boosting the mileage, but also the power. The setup is ready to deliver 226 hp and 258 lb-ft, at the same time increasing the fuel economy to 42 mpg. This is more than competitive since only a few crossovers can top this. Even with an all-wheel drive, the gas mileage stays great (38 mpg combined).

The 2024 KIA Sportage Hybrid will be available in LX, EX, and SX grades. The X-Pro off-road configuration is not compactable with a hybrid engine. The next step for the Korean company is to build a plug-in system with an independent electric drivetrain.

2024 KIA Sportage

Standard Engine

Meanwhile, the Sportage will still use a 2.5-liter engine as the base unit. It produces 187 hp and 178 pound-feet of torque, which is enough for the compact segment. The mileage is not the best, especially if you select the all-wheel drive. In that case, 25 mpg is what the crossover offers. On the other hand, front-wheel drive is more efficient but doesn’t offer the same amount of traction. An 8-speed gearbox sends power to wheels, while on the hybrid version, a six-gear box is deployed. Hybrid is 2 seconds faster in a 0-60 mph sprint.


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