2024 Lexus TX release date

The trademark is registered and the 2024 Lexus TX is almost ready for production. The mid-size SUV will be positioned above the RX, offering more room and power. For some while, fans thought the TX is going to replace the GX, but after registering the GX550 nameplate, we are sure that Lexus is expanding the lineup.

Lexus is working on many projects at the moment. The TX SUV is one of the most important. Also, the carmaker presented the new ICE platform for hydrogen fuel cells. It might be a far-fetched story, but the new 2024 Lexus TX could use such technology. Either way, engineers will try to make the SUV cleaner and then more efficient. A hybrid powerplant is certain, while the all-electric model is also an option. More intuitive driver-aid and safety systems will be part of the start-of-the-art interior.

2024 Lexus TX suv

2024 Lexus TX vs GX

When the company filed for the new trademark and bosses unveiled that engineers are working on the new mid-size SUV, fans thought that 2024 Lexus TX is replacing the GX. We were waiting for its update for a long time. Year after year, enthusiasts were disappointed. There was no next-gen GX. And then, Lexus filed for the new trademark – GX 550. The upcoming SUV will carry that badge. It is not the first time the company is renaming its vehicles. Previously, the LX 570 was replaced by the LX 600. Also, we got used to the alphanumeric nomenclature that shows the displacement of the vehicle. Nowadays, numbers mean nothing.

Anyway, with the new GX 550 on the way, it is obvious that we will see both that SUV and the 2024 Lexus TX. But, the question is – where all those midsize SUVs are going to fit? The RX is a two- and three-row model (RX L). Even two models are making the lineup crowded. With the third one on the way, Lexus must have some plan that they won’t unveil until the release of the TX.

2024 Lexus TX concept

Powertrains, Hybrid, EV

There is too much room left for speculation. The 2024 Lexus TX is going to be a mid-size model with three rows and 8 seats. But, it draws many questions about its position in the lineup. From what we hear, the TX will definitely be bigger than RX, and as an 8-seater, probably taking position between the GX and LX. This is important for future predictions about the powertrains.

As a large SUV, the 2024 Lexus TX will need plenty of power. Recently, the LX dropped a V8 and took a turbocharged V6 system. The same is expected to happen for the new GX 550. Also, Lexus RX is now using a turbocharged four-banger instead of a V6. So, engineers will go after a smaller block supported by turbocharged for the TX, rather than the bigger displacement. It will definitely make the mileage better, but the overall performance should be better if the vehicle uses an engine with more cylinders.

Furthermore, Lexus and Toyota are leaders in the hybrid vehicles class. So, it won’t be a surprise if the TX gets such a powerplant. Again, the configuration must meet demands and put out enough HP. Still, the focus is going to be on the zero-emission result. So, the all-electric bZ platform, or the new ICE architecture are the options in this case.

When Will 2024 Lexus TX Come Out?

For now, the company is developing a new SUV. The prototype is not ready yet, so there is no announcement. When the first sights of the final product are being available, the company will introduce the TX and provide us with more info. Until then, we are waiting and following news about other vehicles Lexus is launching in the future.


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