2024 Lexus UX Offers the Best Mileage in the Subcompact Luxury Crossover Market

Every season since the debut added something special. The 2024 Lexus UX won’t bring big update, since the redesign is planned for the following season. The only notable change compared to its predecessor is the power liftgate as an optional upgrade.

The subcompact crossover is now available only with a hybrid engine. The company dropped a conventional drivetrain for good. Fans hope to see an alternative, for example the PHEV. But, it is not likely to happen. Eventually, the UX will become an electric vehicle. Not in 2024 though.

The carmaker somehow compensated for the lack of engine options by adding a pair of the F Sport packages for the 2024 Lexus UX. There are also Base and Premium grades. Those options can improve an overall image of the small crossover, which have lacks although it belongs to the luxury class.

2024 Lexus UX phev

2024 Lexus UX Hybrid Specs

The only remaining drivetrain for the premium crossover is a hybrid. The configuration is called the 2024 Lexus UX 250h. Small 2.0-liter engine is the main power source, and the system is delivering 181 horsepower. That is not something stunning, but for the subcompact segment, it should be enough. Front-wheel drive is standard. This configuration is returning 42 mpg, making the UX the most fuel-efficient crossover in the luxury class. An all-wheel drive harms the mileage, but 39 mpg is still an exceptional result.


The company cut down the only optional setup. Conventional engine with internal combustion is not part of the lineup, and buyers can’t choose something else if they don’t like the current hybrid. Lexus is doing research and the plug-in hybrid might become an additional drivetrain.

Well, in this segment, Toyota and Lexus are usually taking a 2.5-liter unit as the base for the PHEV. But, it would be too large for the UX. Instead, an existing 2.0-liter mill, or even maybe some smaller displacement, might be a starter. The 2024 Lexus UX PHEV would do at least 250 hp, but the focus will be on keeping the mileage at a high level, like the base hybrid. Also, the UX plug-in system would allow an electric range. Having in mind the size of the vehicle, we can expect 25-30 miles on a single charge.

The ultimate upgrade is the electric drivetrain. Such configuration is already available for the larger NX. However, the EV is yet to debut in the USA. So, if the UX goes the same way, we will have to wait for its debut, probably until 2025 or 2026.

2024 Lexus UX interior

Trim Levels

While there are no engine choices for the current edition, the 2024 Lexus UX will offer four trim levels. That will make building the crossover more interesting, although many companies don’t pay attention to the subcompact class. As a luxury model, even the entry-level version brings a lot of cool features. The Base package includes 18-inch wheels, heated mirrors, keyless entry and roof rails. Inside, you find synthetic leather, 2-zone climate and power-adjustable seats. Highlights of the infotainment system are Lexus Connect services, an 8-inch display, a base sound system and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.

Upgrading the UX to the Premium grade brings you a sunroof, rain-sensing wipers, a power liftgate with hands-free functions, and heated/ventilated front seats.

2024 Lexus UX F Sport Design and F Sport Handling

The best versions of the 2024 Lexus UX are with the F Sport badge. There are two packages available – Design and Handling. None of them will make the crossover more powerful, but the styling gets notable upgrades.

The F Sport Design uses special 18-inch wheels, blacked-out exterior trim, LED fog lights and a sunroof. The Handling package improves the ride, but not with extra power, but the sport-tuned suspension, sport steering wheel and seats, aluminum pedals, and extra drive modes. From there, you can also select some optional upgrades, such as windshield de-icer, 12-inch touchscreen, HUD, or parking sensors. Interesting, some of these features are not standard, even at higher trim levels of the luxury crossover.

2024 Lexus UX 250h


Here are the paintjob options for the new 2024 Lexus UX 250h. Caviar, Obsidian, Redline, Grecian Water and  Nori Green Pearl won’t cost extra. Eminent White Pearl, Iridium, Cloudburst Gray and Cadmium Orange are premium shades. A two-tone paintjob is available for the F Sport lineup. You can combine the Obsidian roof with Ultra White, Iridium, Cloudburst Gray, Redline, Cadmium Orange or Blue Meca 2.0 body colors. You can also configure the interior, and themes depending on the package you pick and the material inside the cockpit.

2024 Lexus UX Price

There are many better purchases for $37,000, which is the base price for the subcompact crossover. It is great for city cruising, but everything else can be better and cheaper. An AWD costs $1,500, while the Premium package is a $2,000 upgrade, as well as the F Sport Design. It might be the best buy in the lineup. However, having in mind that HUD, navigation, and parking sensors are not included, we must weigh other options. The F Sport Handling costs from $44,000-$46,000.

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