2024 Lincoln Navigator L

The 2024 Lincoln Navigator is the largest SUV in Ford’s luxury lineup. You can also buy a long-wheelbase Navigator L with similar options. For the 2024 YM, we can expect a bigger dose of changes compared to the last few editions. There were no big updates on the SUV ever since the new generation stepped on the market in 2018. Black Label trim needs new themes, for example. Also, we might see some high-performance versions that will be competitive against its archrival, the Cadillac Escalade V-Series model.

The new SUV for the upcoming season keeps the highlights – powerful engine, good resale value, comfortable interior full of advanced features, bold appearance… Novelties will draw attention, but the price is still the biggest obstacle when buying the 2024 Lincoln Navigator. Although the base model is affordable, compared to other full-size luxury SUVs, it is still too much for most buyers to splash $80k, at least.

2024 Lincoln Navigator


This class offers plenty of alternatives if you are not a Lincoln fan. Cadillac Escalade is the biggest rival, and Jeep is also in the market with the Grand Wagoneer. Japanese premium SUVs are very interesting – Infiniti QX80 based on the Monograph platform, and the all-new Lexus LX 600, which replaced Toyota Land Cruiser. We won’t forget European carmakers. Mercedes is a synonym for luxury, although their GLS is not using a ladder frame. BMW’s latest SUV is the full-size X7. Land Rover Range Rover adds some unique British touches to this segment. All in all, the 2024 Lincoln Navigator needs upgrades to stay competitive in this class where some models can cost $200,000.


2024 Lincoln Navigator Specs

Ford is still not considering a replacement for a V6 engine. So, the 2024 Lincoln Navigator will still use a 3.5-liter twin-turbo setup with 450 hp. This is the maximum power the engine can produce. The navigator and Raptor truck also blow 510 lb-ft of torque. don’t expect the SUV to be too fuel-friendly. Still, 20 mpg is not a bad result for a vehicle of this size. The Navigator was the best model in the luxury SUV class when it came to towing. But now, engineers will have to tune the system to beat the hauling capacity of the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

An alternative for the current engine is under consideration. We don’t have details, but there are some systems that could suit the 2024 Lincoln Navigator perfectly. First, the Godzilla engine. A 7.3-liter V8 serves in the Super Duty segment. Some fans of the premium SUV would love to see its ride with an eight-pot banger that blows 430 hp and 470 lb-ft. Another option is a hybrid model. With electric support, the current system could go above 550 hp. A 3.0-liter mill for the Lincoln Aviator is good for 500 horsepower. A larger Navigator Hybrid definitely needs extra power from a larger displacement.

2024 Lincoln Navigator hybrid
Navigator hybrid concept

2024 Lincoln Navigator Black Label

The high-end version of the SUV is the 2024 Lincoln Navigator Black Label. The highlight of this model is its unique interior. Or interiors, since there are three different packages available. The current edition is going to offer Yacht Club, Chalet and Destination. Since there were no big changes in the past few years, the new Navigator Black Label could introduce something special. We still don’t know the details, but our sources inside the company reported that a new theme is under consideration since last year.

The Black Label upgrades all the lower trims, including Luxury and a few optional packages. Special 22’’ wheels are there, AWD is standard, you get an extended maintenance plan, and the digital key with a smartphone app.

Redesign and Navigator L

After a few years outside the spotlight, the redesign will make the new Navigator one of the stars of the upcoming season. But, the company is not unveiling it officially. So, the redesign could happen either in 2024 or 2025. With so many projects Ford and Lincoln are involved in, it is hard to say which are the priority. One thing is sure – the 2024 Lincoln Navigator L will still be a part of the lineup. It is a long-wheelbase version. Compared to the standard model, it adds 15 more inches of overall length, increasing comfort and cargo space inside the cabin. You can also select it with the Black Label grades, and optional drivetrains when the company launches them.

2024 Lincoln Navigator black label

Performance Edition

We can’t escape this topic. General Motors revisited the Cadillac Escalade and added the V Series engine with 650 hp. Like in all other classes, we expect the answer from Lincoln. A powerful hybrid based on a 3.5-liter engine might be enough. But currently, the company is developing a Ford Raptor R truck, to catch up with Ram TRX. Ford wants to be a leader in all segments, while all other companies are trying to challenge it capabilities and capacities. We’ll see if the Escalade-V is a threat to the Navigator lineup.


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