2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV is a small FJ Cruiser

Instead of the FJ Cruiser’s comeback, the company is launching a vehicle that reminds us of a legendary SUV. The 2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV will bring back the boxy look and aggressive appearance. Instead of an internal combustion powerplant, the new vehicle is using an electric battery. It will be pretty capable since the company plans to sell the Cruiser as one of the off-road models in the lineup.

We assume that the sales will start soon. In the past few months, the company showed off the 2024 Compact Cruiser EV on multiple occasions. We can see images of the vehicle and what the carmaker plans with it. The FJ Cruiser’s legacy is hard to miss. The boxy styling and bold details are back.

This is not the only EV concept by the Japanese carmaker. You can also find stories about the Tacoma electric truck, LFA electric supercar, and a few other vehicles coming out soon.

2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept

2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV Range, Recharge Time

While you can see the concept, the company is not unveiling details about its performance. We only know the 2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV is an electric SUV. Also, experts can assume that the range of the battery would be somewhere between 200-250 miles. However, there are plenty of other questions. For example – how much time the recharge is taking? Yes, there is enough time for final improvements, but Toyota is not too experienced in the electric world, so many fans have doubts about the Compact Cruiser and other EVs.

Since the SUV is an off-roader, there are further demands. Tougher terrains will make the FJ Cruiser’s successor spend more power. Furthermore, GMC Hummer introduced some cool features – Crab Walk and Extract Mode. Toyota will have to respond if they want to keep the supremacy in the off-road world built over many years. So, the 2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV is quite a risk for the carmaker.

2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV price

Design, Dimensions

The company showed photos of the new concept. From those images, we can see that the 2024 Compact Cruiser EV is a compact crossover SUV with a short wheelbase. Still, there is enough space for a 4-door layout. The retro wheel design is pretty interesting and wheelarches bring back memories of the FJ Cruiser. Still, despite the overall look, the new SUV is modernized with LED lamps. Also, you can’t miss the ladder on the right side, while on the left is orange graphics. White, Green, Sky Blue and Yellow are colors on the concept images the company made official.

2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV vs Jeep Recon

This is not the first time that Toyota is introducing a new off-road SUV. Fans still remember the FT-4X concept, which never entered production. Well, things have to be more serious this time, since the main rival in the off-road world is also launching the EV.

The 4Runner and Jeep Wrangler are the most popular 4×4 vehicles. Now, two carmakers are taking the battle to the electric world with the 2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV and Jeep Recon electric SUV. Both vehicles are still concepts. Although carmakers hinted that production might take place soon, we are still taking 2024 year models with a reserve. There is plenty of things to be done on both small crossovers.

2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV

Release Date

The company still owes us many details. We can only guess the price, range and when will the 2024 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV become available. It seems like the new model is not coming out as soon as some fans expected. However, Toyota can’t waste time, since Jeep Recon is not the only future rival with an electric drivetrain and exceptional off-road capabilities.

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