2024 VW ID4 Details: Range and Upgrades

Electric segment is growing every day. It’s been a few years since the ID4 is available. The German company will more likely build more different vehicles, rather than revisit the 2024 VW ID4. The ID5 and ID6 are also coming out, and in the future, we’ll see ID7 and ID8. Other interesting projects are ID.Buzz minivan and ID.R sports car for races.

The base version will be ready to cover 275 miles on a single charge. The company is not announcing further details about top trim levels. We believe that a high-performance edition will also be there with 350-400 miles of range. There are also four more setups and the lowest range is 201 miles.

The safety of the 2024 VW ID4 is exceptional, even if it arrives without changes. Safety scores confirm that. The interior is comfortable and introduces a lot of novelties, such as ID.Light feature. The infotainment system is not behind other systems by rival companies.

The recharging network is still not big enough. But, since more companies are developing EVs, it will grow. According to reports, there will be around 2,000 recharging stations built by the end of 2025. In that case, it seems more reasonable to purchase electric vehicles.

2024 vw ID4 price

2024 VW ID4 Ranges

There are three setups available for the 2024 VW ID4. The company is not upgrading the lineup with another one in this generation. So, the base model is out with a 62-kWh battery that offers a range of 208 miles. The total output of the system is 201 hp and 229 lb-ft. A more potent battery pack is producing the same amount of horsepower and torque, but the range is extended to 275 mi thanks to the 82-kWh motor. But, the Pro S package takes away 13 miles. And finally, there is a dual-motor system with 295 hp and 335 lb-ft. The vehicle can reach higher speeds and accelerates faster with this one, but the range is 245-251 miles.


Fans of electric vehicles already got used to the totally different driving impression. The acceleration and overall performance are not the same as with vehicles that use internal combustion engines. So, it is hard to compare these two types of drivetrains. Anyway, EVs bring something new and different, and in the future, electric batteries will replace classic configurations.

2024 vw ID4 range

Packages and Features

There are two base trim levels available for the 2024 VW ID4. However, the company is going to offer optional upgrades. The ID4 Pro comes with 19-inch wheels, keyless entry, power-adjustable seats and dual-zone climate control. Front cloth seats are heated, as well as the steering wheel, which is wrapped in leather. We mentioned an advanced infotainment system that uses a 10-inch screen in the base form. Furthermore, smartphone charger is standard. The ID.Drive is the safety package with a lane-keeping system, forward collision mitigation and blind-spot monitoring.

The Pro S is upgrading the offer with a 12-inch display, massaging front seats with cooling, a panoramic sunroof and a power hands-free tailgate. Also, you can add the Gradient package that brings larger wheels, a contrasting black roof, and a lot of silver accents. For both models AWD is optional. Some special edition is possible, but Pro and Pro S are the standard lineup.

2024 VW ID4 Pricing

The pricing starts from $38,000 for the entry-level model. The Pro version adds $5,000 and AWD is a $4k upgrade. The Pro S costs $48,000.

2024 vw ID4

ID Concept Future Releases

The ID platform allows the German company to keep pace with the competition. So far, they released ID3 hatch, crossovers ID4, ID5 and ID6, as well as the ID.Buzz minivan. The carmaker will complete the lineup with other numbers. The ID1 should be a hatchback, ID2 another crossover, and ID7 comes out as the saloon based on the ID.Vizzion concept. Other interesting prototypes are the ID.R race car with exceptional performance, ID.Buggy for desert runs, and the ID,Life as the everyday vehicle for urban streets.

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