Discontinued SUVs That Might be Back in 2023

Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are back. Ford Bronco is back. Chevy Blazer is back. Toyota Venza is back. Honda Passport is back. Land Rover Defender is back. So, it is a trend that should continue in the future.

We are making a list of cool SUVs that used to be very popular at their primes but were also cut because of different reasons. Economy crisis, sales drop, problems with updating, and many others.

Discontinued SUVs That Might be Back 2023

2023 Honda Element

Let’s start with the hottest and the most possible comebacks. Definitely, the interest in the 2023 Honda Element is the highest. This used to be a very practical and reliable small SUV. The Japanese company produced the vehicle between 2003 and 2011. Many fans are still wondering why the Honda Element was discontinued. The only explanation is that vehicle was too advanced for its time.

The main buyers of the SUV were young people. The successor of the Element, hopefully, the model for the 2023 season, will surprise everyone with its nature. We believe it could be a versatile crossover SUV, positioned between CR-V and Passport, with excellent off-road skills.

2023 Ford Excursion

From the small-size model to the largest ever SUV. The 2023 Ford Excursion is more likely to happen, now with a 7.3-liter engine available for Super Duty trucks. The Excursion is larger than Expedition. It was based on the Super Duty F-250 pickup and the upcoming vehicle is also going to use the same platform as the HD truck. That means a lot of potential for hauling and off-road adventures.

A 7.3-liter V8 petrol engine can develop 430 hp and 480 lb-ft. For the 2023 Ford Excursion, some modifications could retune the outputs. Anyway, it will be one of the best configurations in the market. A diesel engine is also possible. Here, most experts believe that the existing V8 would be too big, while a V6 can’t deliver enough power for such a big vehicle.

2022 Ford Excursion
Ready for comeback?

2023 Nissan Xterra

Nissan Terra is back, but only for the Chinese market. It sparked rumors about the return of the 2023 Nissan Xterra. It is not impossible. We can compare many other models, not only by this carmaker, that wear a different badge for the US market and the rest of the world. In the Middle East we expect the SUV to be available as the X-Terra.

Of course, the biggest market in the world requires some changes and the 2023 Nissan Xterra is not going to be a carry over from another country. More potent engines and possible electric batteries are some of the interesting speculations. The company is not showing any signals about the comeback of the SUV discontinued in 2015.

2023 Hummer

Actually, this SUV is coming back. But, it is going to bring some totally different features than its predecessor. First of all, it is an electric vehicle. Plus, it is a truck. Nevertheless, the pickup is going to be converted soon after the premiere and the 2023 Hummer SUV will be a concept of the vehicle that will be at dealerships in 2024. Finally, the Hummer will be a model developed by the GMC.

We can expect very similar features as for the truck. There will be two or three configurations. The performance-oriented SUVs will be able to travel 500 miles in a single charge. According to announcements, the 2023 Hummer will have a lot of notable features. For example, truckers were stunned by the Crab Walk system that allows the pickup to move diagonally. There are also Extract Mode and Super Cruise, which will make the Hummer SUV one of the most advanced vehicles in the market.


2023 Mazda CX-7

There is room in the Mazda’s SUV lineup between the CX-5 and CX-7. Plus, the company achieves better sales results. That means the increase of production and expansion of the squad are the logical choices. The 2023 Mazda CX-7 is about to take the position between two flagship SUVs. The rumors are coming from trusted sources, confirming the comeback is possible.

The only sure thing we know about the 2023 Mazda CX-7 is that the SUV is going to use a hybrid engine. That is another addition the company needs. Nevertheless, the system is not based on SkyActiv technology. The company partners with another Japanese carmaker, the giant in this world – Toyota. A hybrid system is going to improve the power outputs and the gas mileage. Still, a 2.5-liter engine will be the center of the configuration.


2023 Mazda CX-7 release date

2023 Jeep Liberty

Jeep brought back Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer as the premium full-size SUVs. There are a few other models that can be available again. However, the one that could be back before any other is the 2023 Jeep Liberty. The reason is simple – the company is facing charges by the US natives about the usage of the name Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. We’ll follow the news, but if there is no consensus, FCA will have to think about the alternatives.

There are no doubts that the 2023 Jeep Liberty is something anticipated. This was the name of the compact crossover in the third and fourth generation, before the FCA started using the Cherokee name again. So, it will be basically only renaming the existing vehicle. Still, the current generation is already eight years old, and it is time for the redesign. That means a lot more modifications beyond the name change.

2023 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Escalade is a legendary luxury SUV with plenty of options. High-end versions can cost more than $100k. Under the hood of the big rig is a mighty 6.2-liter V6 with 420 hp. The company is considering the performance-oriented V Series with more than 600 horsepower. But, the latest moves by the GM indicate that 2023 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid could be back. “Our electric future is now” is the motto, but the full-size SUV is too big for electric batteries only.

This vehicle was available in such form in the third generation, replaced in 2015. A 6.0-liter engine is not being used anymore. We could find it under the hood of HD trucks. Now, those vehicles are using a 6.6-liter mill, which can be there as the main source of power for the 2023 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. Electric batteries are there to improve the gas mileage, the main downside of the SUV. But, buyers of the luxury vehicle don’t care too much about the saving on fuel when paying $100k for the ride.

2022 Cadillac Escalade changes

2023 Toyota FJ Cruiser

The Japanese carmaker is cutting the legendary Land Cruiser from the lineup. Yes, that is true. More space will be available for the all-new Lexus LX. The company also reintroduced the Venza crossover. It was enough for fans to start speculating about more comebacks. One of them is the 2023 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Still, it is a big question where the SUV fits into the lineup. We can see it as the small off-road vehicle. The 2023 Toyota FJ Cruiser can rival a two-door Jeep Wrangler, while the 4Runner and Wrangler Unlimited are bigger SUVs. The FJ Cruiser arrived the first time to the US as the 2006 YM. In first two seasons, sales were promising. Expectations were huge, but the lack of changes and the wave of new arrivals killed the sales and the FJ was discontinued eventually in 2014.

2023 Jeep Patriot

The next model on this list is the 2023 Jeep Patriot. A ten-year run made this vehicle become a legend. Like the Cherokee replacing Liberty, the same happened with the Patriot. It is Compass now. With the Jeep lineup being overcrowded, the comeback is not so likely.

There are not too many reasons to believe that the nameplate will be used again, at least not for now. We don’t know where FCA could place it. One of the options coming to our minds is the all-electric SUV. But, Jeep is not so into this story like some other brands. The only EV by the FCA we can hear about is the Wrangler Magneto.

2023 Dodge Ramcharger

Dodge is also owned by the FCA. This brand is dying slowly, with only a few vehicles still available at dealerships. Even Durango struggles recently and the company is trying to find a way to revive the sales. The SUV might become the BoF model in the foreseeable future, making a distance from the Jeep Grand Cherokee and covering new markets. So, is there a reason to believe in the 2023 Dodge Ramcharger?

If the Durango becomes the body-on-frame SUV based on the Ram 1500 truck, then its close sibling could be the Ramcharger, either with Ram or Dodge badge. Some say that Ram sounds better, since there are no SUVs of this brand, and the trucks sell crazy. Although there are not too many details about this rumor, we will keep tabs open because the link is pretty interesting.

2023 Dodge Ramcharger

2023 GMC Typhoon

The 2023 GMC Typhoon might be a mechanical and styling twin of the Chevy Blazer. Two companies are General Motors’ brands and we can see a lot of other vehicles sharing ideas and engines. The most popular GM twins are Sierra and Silverado trucks. After the comeback of the Blazer, the return of Typhoon also seems legit.

If this happens, it is not hard to predict what kind of an engine the SUV is going to use. Under the hood of the 2023 GMC Typhoon should be a turbo-four and a V6 engine. The company is going to make the AT4 all-terrain package, and premium Denali available for the new SUV to draw more interest. The styling is a bit upscale compared to Blazer, which means the price will be higher.

2023 Chrysler Aspen

The Chrysler Aspen was the luxury version of the Dodge Durango. But, it never lived up to the expectations. The nameplate lasted for only two seasons before discontinuation. Nevertheless, the 2023 Chrysler Aspen might get another chance, thanks to the modern trends in the market.

All the leading carmakers have a premium branch to deliver luxury vehicles. So, Ford has Lincoln, while upscale brothers of Chevy and GMC SUVs are coming out under the Cadillac brand. Jeep and Dodge misses that one. The 2023 Chrysler Aspen will be again the mechanical sibling of the Durango and Grand Cherokee, but with premium features. As simple as that.

2023 Chrysler Aspen

2023 Cadillac SRX

It is unlikely to see the 2023 Cadillac SRX again. The XT5 succeeded it and the launch of the XT lineup is one of the best things that happened to General Motors. The compact crossover saw immediate success and the lineup is now expanding. For now, we have the XT4 and XT6. Some sources are speaking about even larger vehicles that might replace the Escalade. It is hard to happen, like the comeback of the 2023 Cadillac SRX.

The nameplate existed for more than 10 years. Initially, a large V8 displacement was under the hood. The second generation was using only V6 and it was considered a compact SUV. Now, the XT5 is available both with V6 and turbocharged four-banger. The last edition of the SRX was out in 2015.

2023 Subaru Tribeca

With the arrival of the Ascent, Subaru somehow denied rumors about the Tribeca comeback. Slow sales killed this nameplate, but the SUV segment revived. Of course, there is room in Subaru’s lineup for more additions. What is in common for all the vehicles by the Japanese carmaker? Boxer engine and four-wheel drive. Well, if the 2023 Subaru Tribeca appears, new things might be in the offer.

Recently, the company announced the partnership with Toyota and announced the first all-electric SUV. That concept is called Subaru Solterra. But, the production version might carry a different name. The 2023 Subaru Tribeca sounds nice. However, this is the only link we can figure out about the comeback, without a reliable source within the company to confirm that.

2023 Subaru Tribeca

2023 Jeep Commander

Another Jeep SUV. The situation is the same as for other models we’ve already mentioned. The 2023 Jeep Commander sounds great, but there is no room in the lineup for another SUV. It can be an EV though. However, the carmaker hasn’t announced any concept or plan for electrically-powered vehicles. So, the comeback of the Commander is one of the unlikeliest on this list.

Nevertheless, the 2023 Jeep Commander will be available outside the US. The company decided to rename Compass for several markets. That is the only reason the SUV made it the final model of discontinued vehicles that could be back in 2023.