2024 Nissan Murano facelift

The 2024 Nissan Murano is going to be an all-new vehicle. The Japanese company never planned to discontinue the mid-size SUV, although two-row versions are not as popular as seven-seaters. Still, Murano is one of the favorite SUVs in this class and the carmaker is preparing the next generation.

There are a few questions about the 2024 Nissan Murano. It is certain that the redesign is going to update the interior and exterior. At this time, it is early to talk about the final look. But, the changes will be based on the new Ariya concept. Besides that, fans want to know if the SUV is getting an all-electric version, or even some kind of a hybrid engine. For the mid-size model, it would be a great option, since Murano is not offering as good gas mileage as compact crossovers. On the other hand, there is not as much room as three-row SUVs can offer.

All in all, if you plan to buy this vehicle, it is better to wait for the redesign and 2024 YM. In 2023, Murano comes with minor changes.

2024 Nissan Murano redesign

2024 Nissan Murano Next-Gen Styling

Like every big redesign, the new generation of the SUV is coming with huge changes. The mid-size two-row class is not so popular. However, the Japanese company is ready to make some revolutionary moves to position the 2024 Nissan Murano above the competition. For that, the carmaker needs an aggressive look, a safe and comfortable interior, and good performance.

The vehicle is still in the early phases of development. Our sources confirmed that the work has started. But, further details are unknown. It is expected from the 2024 Murano to keep the current dimensions. The SUV might gain a couple of inches in length, which is good news for buyers complaining about the interior space. But, designers can’t go too far, since it could harm the ride quality.

New Colors, Trim Levels and Features

The palette will be updated and comes with fresh options. During the current generation, Murano had more than 15 paintjobs available. Now, it is time for a complete change and the 2024 YM comes with new shades. Trim levels should be pretty much the same. S, SV, and SL are the standard options. The 2024 Nissan Murano will also add a new package, something like the Midnight Edition. Even the Pro-4X is possible with an enhanced off-road drive. Well, this bundle is available for larger vehicles, but Murano would draw a lot of interest with the 4×4 package.

2024 Nissan Murano gas mileage
Nissan Ariya concept


The upcoming 2024 Murano remains a two-row five-seater. The complete redesign is also updating the seating layout, dashboard, and all the features of the info-entertaining system. The SUV brings more space thanks to the possible larger body. Still, we will know more about capacities when the release date comes closer. From this point of view, we can only discuss what is that the 2024 Nissan Murano needs the most.

2024 Nissan Murano Specs and Hybrid Engine

Most two-row models use a four-cylinder engine as the base option. Murano is not one of those. Instead, the Japanese company is going with a V6 unit. Power output is not maximized for the Murano and a 3.5-liter plant can produce 260 hp and 240 lb-ft of torque. For the 2024 YM, those numbers could go up, since a six-pot engine has a lot of potentials. The gas mileage is a major concern, since V6 is pretty thirsty.

Because of this, the company is considering alternatives. One of them is a turbo-four unit. In this case, the gas mileage would become better, targeting more than 30 mpg. Turbochargers would replace two cylinders and make a four-banger as powerful as a V6.

On the other hand, the entire industry is moving toward electrification. Well, Nissan still owns the best-selling EV of all time, the LEAF. Murano is not going all-electric. But, the 2024 Nissan Murano Hybrid sounds a lot more interesting. In this case, the fuel economy takes a huge boost. However, the price of such a configuration would be around $40,000. Other possible options are to get a performance SUV, either turbo V6 or a plug-in hybrid. If this happens, that will probably mean the Murano Nismo is ready for a debut.

2024 Nissan Murano hybrid

2024 Nissan Murano Release Date

Models for 2024 season are far from ready at this moment. During next year, we will know more details about future plans, including the 2024 Nissan Murano. The SUV should be out in the second half of 2023. The redesign will make the price go up. Currently, the base MSRP is $33,000. The new model will be close to $35k, while the high-end versions might hit $50,000.


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