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There are a lot of pros and cons when speaking of Infiniti QX70 return. The SUV is recently discontinued. But, the rumors about the comeback started swirling already in 2017. The stories warmed up after the presentation of the QX Inspiration concept. While the Monograph platform is going to underpin the full-size QX80, while the Inspiration is there for smaller SUVs.

Well, the problem is – where to fit the Infiniti QX70 if it comes back in 2021 or 2022? QX60 is the mid-size three-row premium SUV and there is no big gap between it and QX80. The new model could be a coupe-SUV. Well, the company teased QX55. Its shape unveils the probable look of the QX70, just bigger.

Infiniti QX70 price

The Comeback of the Infiniti QX70 is Unlikely

We will start with reasons why QX70 was discontinued. Slow sales are not major ones. The company decided to spend more time in the development of other crossovers and SUVs. What’s more, the carmaker axed the Q70 sedan. So, all vehicles with number 70 in the nomenclature are history. Furthermore, we don’t know where Infiniti QX70 could fit. We have subcompact, compact, mid-size, and full-size models already. Coupe or a hybrid model is the only choice coming on our minds. Infiniti is not mentioning that yet, but enthusiasts wouldn’t be surprised if Nissan delivers the all-electric model sooner or later.

Why It Should be Back?

As said, a couple of missing pieces in the lineup are there and the Infiniti QX70 could fill the gaps. However, the Japanese giant will go with the nameplate only if it means something. What makes us optimistic is the promise that QX70 is not done. The door for a comeback was left open. What’s more, Infiniti announced big changes for 2021. The first teaser images of QX55 coupe-crossover are already there. The next one – QX70? Maybe.

Infiniti QX70 redesign

What If – Engine?

The last time the crossover SUV was on the market, it got the power from a 3.7-liter V6 engine. Well, this one is not in the usage anymore. Instead, Infiniti turned to a much more efficient 3.5-liter displacement. This is a leader in the segment with 295 hp. However, other companies are delivering hybrid drivetrains, which can reach 310-320 horsepower. Infiniti is on the way to bring back hybrid engines for its SUVs and crossovers. The QX60 used a configuration that was discontinued in 2017, like QX70.

The company announced that they will build more hybrids in 2021. That is why Infiniti is making no changes to models for 2020. So, this is the big chance for the Infiniti QX70 to come back and test the market once again.

Infiniti QX70 comeback

Infiniti QX70 – the Coupe SUV

More speculations are trying to explain what kind of the body will Infiniti QX70 have. Since there are mid- and full-size vehicles, sources are telling that coupe version could be a refreshment in the lineup. Also, the carmaker would take on the BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne. The QX70 was shorter than the QX60 is now. So, the new model will grow, probably around 10 inches. But, compared to its sibling, it won’t be so spacious thanks to the sloped roofline.

Infiniti already launched a teaser. However, the coupe crossover shape is probably going to be named QX55. Still, it will be based on a smaller QX50. The larger version could bring back the old nameplate. Well, the QX70 used to look like a coupe models, something between SUV and the station wagon.

Infiniti QX70 Release Date (If It Comes Back)

The situation at this moment is not great for the QX70. The company is taking a break in launching the new models. After the pause, in 2021 we will see most of the lineup again, but with big updates. There won’t be room for new arrivals. So, in the best scenario, the Infiniti QX70 will come as 2022 YM. But, it is even possible to wait until 2023.

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