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The Jeep Patriot reached the peak of the sales in its last two years on the market. However, it was not enough to convince the FCA chiefs that there is a future for the compact crossover. Instead, now we see the Compass taking the place in the compact class, and there is no room for another similar vehicle. Patriot could offer a lot of things to its owners, but the carmaker won’t return it any time soon.

Well, we know that the company loves to change the names of their models. We had Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer in the past. Now, one of these names are going to be used for the new full-size three-row SUV. In recent history, we remember Jeep Liberty, as the second and third generation of Cherokee (the name for the first, fourth, and current, the fifth generation). So, if the Patriot comes back, it could be only a name change of the Compass crossover.

Jeep Patriot comeback


The Jeep Patriot was the new model for the 2007 season. It had a spectacular debut at NY Auto Show a year earlier and the crossover made an immediate impact. Experts praised its all-wheel drive system. Back in the 2000s, Patriot shared the platform with Dodge Caliber (another discontinued vehicle). Now, Compass is using the FF/F4 architecture. This concept is also underpinning the subcompact Renegade.

Jeep Patriot Hybrid

Once before, the Patriot crossover could become the first hybrid model in the lineup. However, the FCA gave up on this idea, although the vehicle was added to the five-year plan. The economic crisis hit the company and one of the cuts was the ENVI division. It was also the end of Patriot EV and PHEV projects.

Unlike its close sibling, the Compass crossover SUV was never planned to be electrified. This could be a chance for the Patriot’s revival. The new model, based on the existing compact vehicle, and with a hybrid engine, is something we could see as the Future Jeep Patriot.

Jeep Patriot


The compact crossover class is the best-selling segment in the USA. Leaders in this tier are achieving over 400k sales per annum. So, there is space for expansion. However, the return of the Patriot SUV causes many other questions, and the first one is production. Second – the competition within the same brand. The FCA has a similar battle in the mid-size class (Grand Cherokee vs Dodge Durango). It will be solved soon by turning the Durango into the body-on-frame model. But, Patriot and Compass would be pretty much the same vehicles.

Plus, there is a tough competition with whom Jeep cannot cope. Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4 are leaders, while Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue are other fans’ favorites. Still, Compass or Patriot will need a hybrid powerplant to compete with them and that is the priority for the engineers.

Jeep Patriot Return as the Next-Gen Compass?

It is hard to believe the Jeep Patriot could come back any time soon. We didn’t hear any rumors or speculations. As said, renaming the existing Compass is the most likely scenario we could see. Jeep and FCA are not without experience with it. Also, the nameplate could be used for a special, hybrid version. Another possibility, but still, without clues.

What Does The Jeep Patriot Used to Offer To Make You Buy It? (Pros and Cons)

First of all, Patriot was a modern crossover that used the latest design language by the company. Plenty of options made it attractive to younger buyers and the price was the offer parents couldn’t refuse. With the starting MSRP under $20,000, this was one of the best offers in the market.

The low price doesn’t mean the crossover was not capable. Towing and off-roading were not strangers to the Jeep Patriot. On the other hand, a 2.4-liter engine kept the fuel economy very high, up to 30 mpg on the highway. If the Patriot hybrid came out, it would offer 40 miles of the electric range.

Besides the starting price and the gas mileage, Patriot is also a budget-friendly model when it comes to maintenance and resale value.

Jeep Patriot specs


Are we going to see the Patriot SUV again? Probably not. Even if our speculations come true and Jeep launches the new hybrid, it could get a different name. Again, we remind you of last year and rumors about the pickup truck. Two names were favorites, Wrangler and Scrambler, but straight out of nowhere the Gladiator came out. So, it is hard to predict such things, even with more things we know.

Another thing is more certain – fans and enthusiasts would like to see again the crossover with an iconic name.


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