New 2022 Compact Crossovers and SUVs Worth Waiting For

The compact segment is the most popular class in the crossover and SUV world. Trucks and very few car models are achieving higher selling numbers, but the overall demand cannot be matched. Small SUVs are offering excellent fuel economy, decent power, and enough room. So, the small SUVs can be used for everyday commuting or long family trips. Changes in this segment are faster than in most others, so the 2022 compact crossovers will bring quite a lot of novelties.

Take a look what is already confirmed and what are the expectations from future crossovers for 2022 season.

2022 Toyota Rav4 Prime With Plug-In Hybrid

We are taking off with the best-selling model in the segment. Toyota made Rav4 the first crossover with more than 40 mpg thanks to a hybrid setup. However, it didn’t last for too long, since Honda and Ford responded immediately. But, the Japanese company wasn’t sitting and waiting. The 2022 Toyota Rav4 Prime is the plug-in hybrid model with an even efficient drivetrain system.

The PHEV is not going to match the gas mileage of the standard hybrid. Nevertheless, thanks to the special setup, the 2022 Toyota Rav4 Prime can cover some distance by using only electric motors. Three batteries will enhance the outputs of the petrol engine. Combined, the system will be able to return 302 horsepower. All-wheel drive is going to be standard for the Rav4 plug-in hybrid, and the pricing will start around $38,000.

All-New 2022 Nissan Rogue Hybrid Will Challenge Rav4 Prime

Nissan is going strong into the next couple of seasons. A very first debut will be the new Rogue, amid the slowed down development because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Japanese company is not just trying to catch up with other 2022 compact crossovers and their hybrid setups, but Nissan also wants to set new standards. The base version will arrive as 2021 YM, while the 2022 Rogue is coming with serious drivetrain upgrades.

The Japanese company recently introduced the Ariya concept. This one is going to underpin all the future compact crossovers and help them adopt electric drivetrains. Of course, we expect the implementation of the EV system in the most popular vehicle by this carmaker. The 2022 Nissan Rogue is not just going after the Rav4 Prime, but it is also going to set up some new standards with the EV model.

2021 nissan rogue spy photos

After 2021 Bronco We Will See the Compact 2022 Ford Bronco Sport

A debut of the year become the disappointment. Ford is yet to launch Bronco, announced for 2020. Coronavirus is a good excuse for another delay, so it is obvious that the legendary SUV is coming as 2021 YM. It will also cause other models based on the big rig to wait with the premiere.

One of the vehicles that will carry the same name was the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport. Unlike the Bronco Truck, which is just a rumor, the Baby Bronco was teased by the company. Also, some spy photos indicated that Ford is working on the special version, which will be specialized for an off-road drive. We are looking forward to seeing Bronco Sport joining the 2022 compact crossovers class unless Ford delays the big sibling again.


2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge Goes All-Electric

The electric future of the automotive industry is certain. But, we are more listening about that, and the practice is not following the stories. But, one company is a step ahead. The 2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge is the subcompact crossover that will get the power from the electric battery.

The look of the small SUV is not going to show any signs of the muscles laying under the body, where the battery is positioned. The XC40 Recharge is going to be one of the most powerful 2022 compact crossovers with 400 ponies. High outputs will harm the range. If Volvo creates a lighter version, buyers of the XC40 Recharge might get more than 200 miles in a single charge. On the other hand, the crossover gets to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. The price of the EV model will be around $55,000, but you are eligible for a $7,500 tax refund.

Performance-Tuned 2022 VW Tiguan R Gets Extra Power

It is time for the mid-cycle update and Tiguan is getting a new look. Besides that, the crossover is going to borrow a high-performance engine for the new R package. Still, it is going to be available only in Australia and a few other markets, while the 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan R will debut in the US. It is not the first time that VW is launching the special version is other markets since the mini SUV is also available as a seven-seater in some countries.

The 2022 VW Tiguan R will carry the same drivetrain as the best-selling vehicle of all time by this company, the Golf hatchback. It comes with a turbocharged 2.0 engine, capable to deliver more than 300 horsepower. All-wheel drive is going to be standard, and the power router is a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Signature upgrades will also be there, as well as the latest safety features, such as adaptive cruise control. Automatic braking, and many more.

2022 Chevy Trailblazer Slots Between Equinox and Trax

After the Blazer SUV, General Motors is ready to bring back another nameplate. The 2022 Chevy Trailblazer will be the compact/subcompact crossover, smaller than Equinox, but larger than Trax. The carmaker is trying to expand the lineup and it is not the first model in this sub-segment. Nissan Rogue Sport is already there. The Trailblazer will combine the best elements from both classes. With an enhanced gas mileage and enough power, it can be fun to drive.

The release date of the next model is not set yet, since we are still waiting for the sales start of the 2021 YM. For the following season, the vehicle is going to get the hybrid engine. General Motors has a catching up to do, and this should be a priority. Well, Equinox should be the first model to get such a drivetrain, but the Trailblazer should be one of the 2022 compact crossovers with a hybrid powerplant.

2022 Audi Q2 Finally Debuts in the US

The new Q2 is going to be refreshed for the 2021 season. Nevertheless, it is not going to update the US lineup with its arrival. It is about to happen in 2022. By then, the electric version is going to be introduced, and it is already available in China. The 2022 Audi Q2 will get power from a 1.4-liter four-cylinder or a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder unit.

Spy photos of the prototypes are promising a lot of changes, especially in the front. Lighter materials will make the weight go down and it can boost the gas mileage. The luxury crossover offers a lot of advanced features even at the base trim levels. The price will be more affordable than for the Q3. Meanwhile, Audi is developing the Q1 to complete the lineup of 2022 compact crossover.

2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid Set for the US Debut

The 2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale will try to do what its predecessors couldn’t achieve. Giulia and Stelvio didn’t fulfill expectations, and the new subcompact crossover is another shot for the Italian carmaker. The concept was presented in 2019 and after a few months, the company unveiled the production version, which should hit markets late this year. But, we won’t see it in the United States.

A year later, the 2022 Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid will debut in North America. Base versions will carry 1.6 and 1.3 engines. The hybrid configuration is going to be based on one of these petrol drivetrains. We will see how it is going to affect the subcompact class, where we didn’t get used to electric powertrains. Alfa Romeo is aiming the success in the luxury subcompact class, although there are already established names waiting as main rivals.

New Coupe Crossover Model – 2022 Infiniti QX55

When the company teased fans with the coupe crossover, it caused a lot of attention. Nevertheless, ever since the first appearance, we haven’t heard too much about the 2022 Infiniti QX55. Now, the Japanese luxury brand steps out with the fresh info – the unveiling will happen in November. Still, the coupe crossover is a 2022 YM and the sales will start in a year or so.

The inspiration for the 2022 Infiniti QX55 is found on the old FX SUV. Also, experts believe that the coupe-crossover will share the architecture with the QX50. A hybrid model is also possible, as well as the high-performance version. Nissan is the owner of the Infiniti brand, and we are sure some similarities with Rogue will be obvious. The QX55 will compete against German coupe models – Mercedes GLC and BMW X4.

2021 Infiniti QX55

Electric Future Starts With the 2022 Mercedes EQC

Speaking of Mercedes, they are covering most segments. Their 2022 compact crossovers won’t suffer big changes since the carmaker is focused on something new – the all-electric model. The EQC is a stunning concept and Mercedes is serious of bringing in to the market in 2022. A couple of electric batteries will provide enough energy to carry the vehicle up to 250 miles. The crossover is going to offer enough space since the overall length is 187 inches.

Mercedes is always a step ahead of the competition. The range might not top the class, but fans can expect high outputs as well as the latest charging technologies. The 2022 Mercedes EQC will refill its batteries in less than 90 minutes with proper equipment. Even the home systems will do it faster than usual. A certain level of autonomous drive is not going to be a surprise.

Next Premium Model by Hyundai – 2022 Genesis GV70

We already saw GV80 and the next step in Hyundai’s evolution is the premium compact crossover. The Korean company is growing fast and they are expanding the lineup. Like most other companies, Hyundai created a premium brand. Genesis lineup now has only the mid-size three-row model, but soon there will be more vehicles in the fleet.

The 2022 Genesis GV70 will be based on the same platform as the Tucson. More power and luxury equipment will bring the offer to the new level. Well, the price is going up as well. The GV70 is not having an easy task, since there are plenty of 2022 compact crossovers in the premium segment. BMW X3 and Audi Q5 are the best-selling models, but there are also Japanese and US models with reliable engines and attractive styling.

2022 Kia Seltos US Release Date Plans

Seltos is a new compact model by Kia, but it is not available in the US yet. We are sure the crossover is going to join the fleet soon. But, the question is – are there too much competition in the segment, with Kia Niro and Soul already holding subcompact positions, and compact Sportage is achieving good sales? Kia has big plans for the Seltos. The first feedbacks are positive and we can hear that the Korean company is planning to add this vehicle to the 2022 compact crossovers lineup.

Oil burners are definitely not options for the United States. A 1.6-liter petrol engine can deliver 120 hp, or up to 180 if turbocharged. A larger 2.0-l displacement is also an option. Well, there is still enough time to bring the hybrid unit and enhance the offer.