2022 Ford Expedition diesel

The new 2022 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator are spied. The facelift is on the way. However, there are more important changes than cosmetic ones. It seems like the big SUVs are getting hybrid powertrains. A few sources confirmed that Ford is ready to enhance a high-output V6 currently in use by big rigs.

Expedition is one of the most popular vehicles, although sales are not indicating this. Well, the price and size are not suitable for most buyers, but the big rig is definitely one of the flagship vehicles that brings many novelties before others. The versatility of such SUV is a reason why many companies are careful about the development of new trucks. The 2022 Ford Expedition Max is offering extra space, the towing capacity is at 9,300 pounds, and it can be boosted when the diesel engine joins the lineup. Also, Ford will go after a cleaner source of power.

2022 Ford Expedition spy photos

V6 Might be Replaced

The current engine for the big SUV is a V6. That makes it different from the competition, which is mostly using V8s. Nevertheless, a high-output version of a 3.5-liter displacement is good for 400 horsepower and it will probably remain a part of the lineup for the 2022 Ford Expedition. With 400 hp, it generates enough power to make the SUV competitive. Well, the vehicle is a leader in towing capacity. Properly equipped, it goes up to 9,300 pounds.

Still, the company is looking to improve the ride. There is a new V8 engine in the lineup and it might be the next powertrain for the big rig. On the other hand, a 7.3-liter displacement is currently available only for the Super Duty trucks and we can read rumors it is the next plant for the Excursion if this SUV comes back. Well, with 430 hp and 470 lb-ft of twist, it would have something to offer. Some sources claim that Expedition Raptor might offer the V8 engine in its package that will improve the off-road skills.

2022 Ford Expedition facelift

2022 Ford Expedition Hybrid and Diesel Engines

The biggest questions are still about possible upgrades with a diesel or a hybrid configuration. The first one is likely to happen. Ford developed a 3.0-liter oil-burner for the F-150 truck. GM and FCA have a similar unit for their pickups, and these companies are also using the powerplant for big SUVs. The unit generates 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of twist, which is below the rival mills. But, the 2022 Ford Expedition diesel is definitely going to gain extra towing capacity thanks to an oil burner. This version of the SUV will be a response to Chevy Tahoe and the upcoming Jeep Grand Wagoneer and their diesel units.

Also, Ford could answer these challenges with a greener source of power. The 2022 Ford Expedition Hybrid is also an option, although we don’t know too much about it. On the other hand, we can witness a great engineering job with the Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Mid-size SUVs are now offering a light hybrid configuration based on a 3.0-liter V6 engine which creates 320 hp, while the high-output version can produce 500 ponies. If a similar system is paired with a larger 3.5-liter mill, we can expect stunning numbers for the 2022 Expedition Hybrid.

What is the 2022 Ford Expedition Max?

If the standard model is not big enough for you, there is the 2022 Ford Expedition Max – the long-wheelbase version of the SUV. It adds 12 inches over the standard edition. The 222-inches long vehicle is capable to take 121 cubic feet of cargo behind front seats. That is 17 cu.ft. more than the SWB model. You will have to pay $3,000 for the longer wheelbase and body, and the AWD costs the same.

2022 Ford Expedition spy shots

Spy Photos – What Does the Facelift Bring?

The SUV was caught recently under the camouflage, which suggests that the company is preparing the first facelift. The current version of the Expedition was introduced in 2018 as 2019 YM. After only a couple of seasons, the update is provoked by the arrival of new models by General Motors. Spy shots are not unveiling details, as we can expect. Ford is careful not to show too much, but the company still wants to intrigue the fans with test mules. Something is going on, that is for sure, and the level of camo is indicating that most changes are coming on the front fascia.

The release date of the 2022 Ford Expedition will depend on the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. The company will try to use the right moment, and it could be the Detroit Auto Show in 2021 if it gets a green light. The price should stay put. The SUV is already one of the most expensive full-size models, starting at $53,000. Hybrid and diesel units will make it closer to $60,000 and the huge 7.3-liter V8 for the Raptor will definitely push it even further.

Source and spy photos credits: TFL Trucks


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