2021 Lincoln Nautilus changes

The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus is a mid-size two-row luxury SUV positioned between Corsair and Aviator. The vehicle replaced the MKX in the lineup. The carmaker did not just rebadge the old model but also brought new styling and engines. It all happened in 2019. The upcoming 2021 YM is not bringing any serious change and the larger update is expected in 2022 or 2023.

The new season might bring a couple of fresh paintjobs. The top of the lineup model remains the Black Label. By picking this 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, you will be able to select one of the unique interior themes. Other versions are also pretty attractive as well. The mid-size luxury crossover SUV is not among the best options if you are going off the road. On the asphalt, it performs better.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus interior

Why Buy 2021 Lincoln Nautilus?

The main advantage of the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus over the competition will be its luxurious interior. The cabin is packed with a lot of inventory, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, advanced audio system, lane-keep aid, blind-spot monitoring, and many more. All of these are standard for the base version. Upper trims are bringing high-end technology and equipment. Of course, options are making this SUV’s already hefty price even more non-approachable. Also, interior materials could be better and touchscreen display larger. For a 190-inch long vehicle, an 8-inch screen seems tiny.

A couple of engines are offering choice. The new Nautilus might also get a hybrid. Until then, a turbo-four and V6 are ready to respond to modern requirements. Still, some owners are complaining about handling. Engineers could fix this for the 2021 Nautilus. Also, there are additional features that can boost performance, such as power-assisted steering, or auto hold for brakes when stop.


The standard package includes a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an eight-speed transmission that sends power to front wheels. The system returns 250 hp and 280 pound-feet of torque. The turbo engine is not very efficient with 21/25 mpg. All-wheel drive will harm it further. Even the start/stop system is not helping.

A V6 is a 2.7-liter displacement. To maximize power and torque, engineers enhanced it with a twin-turbo system. The configuration is standard for the Black Label. On highways, it can be as efficient as the turbo-four. The same transmission is a power router, but this time only an AWD is available. The towing capacity of the midsize SUV is only 3,500 pounds. Some rivals with three rows of seats can make a lot more in this segment.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus specs

2021 Lincoln Nautilus Hybrid

After Aviator, we believe the next SUV to be hybridized is its smaller brother. The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Hybrid will fix one of the biggest downsides – the fuel economy. It is not actually so bad, but we expect more from a four-banger. The company can pair electric motors with the existing V6. They did so on Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator, but with their V6 powerplants.

Hybrid will enhance the outputs. Currently, a V6 can make 335 hp and 380 lb-ft. This is enough for the Black Label. However, the new configuration will boost the fuel economy, which could reach 30 mpg.


There are three trim levels available for the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus. The base choice is coming with synthetic leather. Most fans believe designers could do it better. A power tailgate is there, as well as the CoPilot360 safety package. Upgrading to the Reserve model is making the SUV more convenient. Revel audio adds 3 more speakers, for a total of 13. Power tailgate gets a hands-free function. Navigation is added and more quality leather is covering seats, which are heated and ventilated (front). Available colors for the 2021 Nautilus will be pretty much the same. Well, a refresh will include one or two new paints.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus black label
2021 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label

2021 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label

The top of the class version for most Lincolns is the Black Label. On the 2021 Lincoln Nautilus, this package comes with a V6 engine and AWD as the main upgrade. Still, you will find an advanced safety system, CoPilot360 Plus. Revel installs even more speakers and the exterior highlight is a set of 21-inch wheels. Inside, you can select one of three available themes. Gala, Chalet, and Thoroughbred are patterns there on the midsize SUV. Only the Black Label package offers such options.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus Pricing, Release Date

The new 2021 Lincoln Nautilus is coming later this year. The only change we expect to see is the hybrid engine. This one could be there as an update in 2021. So, an unchanged SUV comes with the same prices. The base version will cost $41,000 which is pretty good for the compact crossover SUV. Three-row versions are starting above $45,000. Black Label and its unique options will add more than $20,000. Reserve is still a good offer since it is just under $50,000.


  1. Lincoln Mgt: “Nautilus is our best seller so we don’t have to invest in its mid-cycle refresh by offering the same tech, features and differentiation that’s been offered on models above and below it for awhile. Let’s save some bucks! We can just “coast”, refresh the dash, make virtually NO exterior changes, OH! Maybe add a NEW PAINT COLOR!

    I can hear Linc mgt, “we won’t sell enough BL’s to justify the “inverse trademark” grille that’s offered on the models BL-model versions. There are times however, and this is one of them, where image-consistency and CUSTOMER TENDING eclipses profit! GASP! (Yeah, process that!)

    Nor, apparently, did Lincoln brass believe it should invest in high-end features like night-vision, grille pattern, etc. I do give the credit for the larger (over latest Corsair & Aviator) models center display (I’m sure the decision to go “bigger” had to be made in the C-suite! “But that will add THREE CENTS to the cost of our best selling vehicle. Can’t we just milk it’s already flagging sales for just two (or three) more years?”

    Speaking of advanced displays, if you want to see the optimal execution of an automotive HUD, check out the next-gen 2022 MB S-Class’ classy SOTA HUD!!! ALL others brands’ HUDs are dinky toy-like repeaters by comparison. Trust me, I come from the aerospace industry and MB must have researched not just airborne HUD technology but HOW it is IMPLEMENTED to assist the pilot’s mission execution. MB HUD superimposes multi color graphics in an augmented-reality approach across a full-third of the windshield, NOT a measly one-to-two sq. inches. The result is the drive sees his map guidance as wide as the actual street he sees out the windshield. TRANSFORMATIVE!

    So yeah, maybe the Lincoln Nautius does only have a another two-yrs to run under its current config, it’s no reason for “Ms Lincoln” (div GM) and her Nautilus product team to shortchange their MOST POPULR MODEL’s CUSTOMERS!!!

    Or, maybe Ford / Linc execs just think we won’t mind, been buying the same body style, powertrain, interior, etc. for a few years now, we’ll swallow a couple more. Hey, Papa Ford & Ms. Linc! Look around at what your competition’s doing! A minimal handful of breadcrumbs is NOT going to feed we customer “sharks” hungry for a FRESHLY appointed (but still ICE-current) Nautilus.

    PS – BEV INFRASTRUCTURE & RANGE has a long way to go before a good percentage of customers will buy one for all their transport needs. Can do so today with a single ICE.


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