2022 GMC Acadia redesign

General Motors delayed a few debuts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small crossovers that were supposed to be out as 2021 YM are arriving as models for the following season. It makes us wonder – what will happen with the 2022 GMC Acadia and other larger vehicles? The redesign was due for the next year. Is the new situation changing the schedule? Well, the new compact Terrain is ready. The company is making only minor changes to the model that was ready for production. So, the focus can be turned to the larger Acadia. Yukon is all-new, and there is no need for big updates.

One thing that can slow down the development is a focus on electrification. Hummer is coming back, as a pickup truck, and with the GMC badge. This can put the Acadia in the background unless it takes the same EV path. It is not impossible, since General Motors is making significant moves in this world. Besides the Hummer truck, other electric vehicles we might see soon are Chevy Bolt and Cadillac Lyriq. The last concept could serve as the base for the new, electric 2022 GMC Acadia.

2022 GMC Acadia interior

Facelift Details, Spy Photos

There are no too many official details about the 2022 GMC Acadia redesign. Still, the mid-size SUV needs an update to stay competitive. It is an upscale model compared to rivals, but the facelift is going to make it eye-catching. We believe the company will follow the latest trends from the automotive world and its own solutions.

First, you can expect a larger grille as the highlight of the redesign. Well, the mid-size SUV is already bold and aggressive. But, designers did this on the new Yukon and Terrain. So, there are no doubts the Acadia will feature a similar treatment. Alongside the front grille, the SUV is getting a new set of lights and revisited bumper. The size should remain the same. Acadia is pretty spacious and offers enough room for passengers. Unfortunately, there are no spy photos to show us what else could be refreshed. Even if test mules come out, the mystery will be in the trim level lineup, where more features are going to be available starting from the base version. The hi-tech options are reserved for high-end packages.

2022 GMC Acadia denali
Exclusive Denali package

2022 GMC Acadia Interior

The 2022 GMC Acadia is remaining a three-row SUV with seven seating spots. You can install the captain’s chairs in the middle row, cutting down one seat. The AT4 off-road package is the only one in the lineup that offers only two rows. With all seats folded, the SUV can offer up to 80 cubic feet of cargo space. With all three rows up, there are only 14 cu.ft. left for items. Designers are currently more focused on infotainment and safety systems than on changing the interior layout.

The mid-size SUV is an upscale version of Chevy Traverse. You will notice that once entering the vehicle. Soft materials improve comfort. The multimedia system supports more USB ports, noise cancellation is standard, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now using wireless technology. Upper trims bring advanced features, such as navigation, premium audio by Bose, heated seats, and driver-aid systems.


Under the bonnet of the 2022 GMC Acadia is going to lay a 3.6-liter V6 engine. It is the most reliable unit with six-cylinders General Motors can offer to its buyers. There are 310 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque available and this version is coming with the maximum towing capacity. Still, 4,000 pounds is way under the most mid-size SUVs can do. An average is around 5k, while the top vehicles are able to tow even 6,000 lbs. A nine-speed auto gearbox sends power to the front or all wheels.

General Motors is offering a couple of alternatives. Naturally-aspirated four-cylinder is not going to stun you with the performance. But, it is a cheaper option than a V6, although it returns a similar gas mileage. A turbo-four brings the energy and keeps the mpg rating at a respectable level. Still, turbo lags are the main reason why buyers are not happy with this one. Still, a 2.0-liter unit is the most efficient in the lineup.

As said, the 2022 GMC Acadia might be inspired by the Cadillac Lyriq concept. It will underpin several General Motors SUVs in the future. Of course, Cadillac is an exclusive brand. But, the GMC can absorb the price and luxury features of this platform.

2022 GMC Acadia at4
Off-road oriented 2022 GMC Acadia AT4

2022 GMC Acadia Denali vs AT4

There are two models that are headlights of the lineup. It is all up to buyers. If you are looking for more exclusive features, then 2022 GMC Acadia Denali will take you to the premium waters with the latest features and equipment. On the other hand, if you are going to spend time in the outskirts, then off-road is a good choice. Now, the 2022 Acadia AT4 is a competitor to leaders in this class, Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner. This version is available only as a five-seater.



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