new 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid

KIA launched an all-new Sorento for the 2021 season. The redesigned SUV is introducing numerous new features and changes. Of course, the styling is drawing attention and you will definitely want to check the packages the vehicle is offering. The Korean company is well-known for not saving features even in lower tiers. When it comes to the specs sheet, fans are most thrilled by the new 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid. Well, the engine is already electrified, and the next season brings further upgrades – the plug-in setup with an electric range of nearly 30 miles.

Now, the Sorento lineup is going to offer four different configurations. Kia shows an intention to keep up with the competition in the mid-size SUV segment. Still, their 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid will lack some power and range compared to Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer. Still, for the first edition, these are big news. The hybrid configuration will be available for the S and EX trim levels. The 2022 Sorento PHEV comes with a unique package.

The combination of a new engine and fresh styling will definitely draw more buyers. Expectations are big. The price of the mid-size SUV with the hybrid unit is still pretty affordable. Too bad we can’t order high-end trim levels yet.

2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid

2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid Specs

The new configuration is based on a 1.6-liter petrol engine, whose power is being enhanced with turbochargers. Plus, there is a 44-kW battery. The total output is 227 horsepower. The 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid is going to return 39/35 mpg, which is even better than the Highlander. Toyota downpowered its SUV to maximize the gas mileage. We thought rivals will need more time to match 35 mpg combined. KIA beats it, but it still lacks some power. The first impressions are positive, but we will see how the Sorento hybrid is going to serve in longer terms. Ford also launched Explorer hybrid, which has extra power and trails in gas mileage.

2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid PHEV

The SUV was redesigned. Besides the hybrid engine, we saw big cosmetic changes and updates of features across all the packages. So, for 2022 there are no too many things left to be added. The Korean carmaker already announced the 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid with plug-in variant. A larger battery will be paired with the same gasoline mill. With a 66.7-kW motor, the total output jumps to 261 hp. The 2022 KIA Sorento PHEV will be able to run in electric mode. The SUV can cover 30 miles, which is more than many smaller plug-in vehicles can do. Kia is on the good path to launch an electric SUV in foreseeable future. Compact Niro is already there, so some experience is gained for the upcoming, more demanding projects.

2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid gas mileage

Other Engines

The mid-size SUV is making big changes caused by the arrival of the new largest model in the lineup, Telluride. The new large vehicle features a 3.8-liter V6 engine. However, the 2022 KIA Sorento is not going to offer a six-cylinder unit. The base version comes with a 2.5-liter I4 and 191 hp and 181 lb-ft. This output is more suitable for compact crossovers. Still, you can get the same engine boosted by turbochargers, delivering 281 hp and 311 lb-ft of torque. This is a way better choice, with numbers similar to other mid-size SUVs. Front-wheel drive is standard. More power won’t cost you too much more in fuel economy. Inline-four will do 24/29 mpg and the turbo version is good for 22/29 miles per gallon. All-wheel drive used to consume a lot more gas, but engineers fixed that. The eight-speed base transmission is mated to the entry-level engine, while the 281-hp setup uses the DCT system.

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The 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid is going to be available with the S and EX trim levels. Such an engine setup skips the base offer, which is quite interesting. Kia continues to offer cool features, even for the entry-level LX model. For example, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, as well as the emergency braking and large touchscreen display. Still, the Hybrid SUV in its base edition upgrades the offer with a set of 17-inch wheels, chrome roof rails, a blacked-out exterior, captain’s chairs in the middle row, and a leather steering wheel. The 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid EX adds cruise control, panoramic sunroof and gloss-black spoiler at the back. Details about the Sorento PHEV packages will be available later in 2021.

2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid interior

2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid Price

The base hybrid version is going to be available at $33,600 plus the destination fee. The EX model adds $3,000 in features. All-wheel drive is not available for the 2022 KIA Sorento Hybrid. The PHEV is going to cost more, but you will be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax refund. Another good thing about the SUV is a superb coverage. Kia is well-known for its extended warranty, which is coming even for the all-new hybrid units.

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