2022 Honda Element EV

The 2022 Honda Element might be the comeback of the season. Well, it won’t be the first time the Japanese company is bringing back an old nameplate. Passport SUV is still fresh. On the other hand, the interest in the return of Element is pretty high. Old fans remember this crossover and its functionality. It received a couple of rewards. One of the most interesting might be the dog-friendly features. Don’t forget a boxy design. It was eye-catching, but not too aesthetic.

There are a few theories where the new 2022 Honda Element could fit in the lineup. Some say the company is considering a vehicle between HR-V and CR-V. This is a new class, with only a few rivals, such as Nissan Rogue Sport, or Chevy Trailblazer. Another option is an electric crossover. Again, Honda needs to catch up with its main competitors and EVs are the future of the automotive industry.

2022 Honda Element

2022 Honda Element Rumors, Spy Photos

Actually, there are no test mules out on the streets. But, we saw a few interesting concepts by fans and enthusiasts. However, it doesn’t mean anything. Our intels also lack any info about the 2022 Honda Element. Nevertheless, the idea is there and the company might surprise us pretty soon. On the other hand, the situation is not perfect for experiments and new ideas. Automotive industry took a blow with the COVID-19 pandemic and the recovery has just started.

Rumors about the 2022 Honda Element are starting a few topics. First, there is a question about the powertrain. Since the vehicle is not official yet, all options are open. The crossover will belong to some of the small classes. That means the power is going to be provided by a four-cylinder unit, a hybrid, or an electric battery. Honda is testing a few PHEV models, but all of them seem to be too large to be Element. CR-V and Pilot are about to use the plug-in in near future and a few other models will join the lineup.

2022 Honda Element Electric interior


If we are looking for a small block and efficient ride, then the 2022 Honda Element could get either a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated, or a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit. Both will provide enough power and torque for the compact crossover, keeping the gas mileage at the respective level. A hybrid is also an option, with a 2.0-liter unit jumping in as an option. But, 212 horsepower might be too much if the Element comes back as the subcompact crossover, positioned between HR-V and CR-V. Still, this is another option Honda is about to offer to its buyers.

There is one concept that reminds fans to the Element. The Honda E is the prototype with a cool, boxy look. The prototype is small and efficient, powered by electric motors. According to department in United Kingdom, this vehicle might be in production soon. We see it as an excellent choice as the powertrain for the 2022 Honda Element. Still, the concept needs improvements. The range of 137 miles is not enough to be competitive, especially with rivals doing more than 200 miles in a single charge. Still, it will be nice to see the Japanese carmaker in the new segment.

Nissan Rogue Sport is one of the possible rivals. READ MORE

Boxy Styling, Dog-Friendly Package

There is a big question if the 2022 Honda Element is going to bring back an old and familiar look. We doubt since the efficiency was one of the reasons for its discontinuation. The crossover was spacious, but not so aerodynamic. Nowadays, these vehicles drive like cars and the gas mileage tops 40 mpg. On the other hand, the Honda E Concept definitely brings back memories of the boxy vehicle with plenty of space inside the cockpit. Designers will have a tough challenge to combine classic and modern needs.

Not only exterior, but also the interior is well-known. Element used to be a pet-friendly vehicle with a few gadgets that are not only nice addition for your dogs. The headroom was generous and plenty of storage departments offered extra places for items. Modern needs require comfort and integration of smart devices. Wireless charging, navigation, smartphone services Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, premium audio, are normal to see today. We are sure the 2022 Honda Element is about to use them all.

2022 Honda Element Release Date and Price

Being positioned between HR-V and CR-V means the price will squeeze between these two crossovers. It should be starting MSRP around $23,000, which is at the same level as one of its main rivals, Nissan Rogue Sport. Chevy Trailblazer is a cheaper option, but the entry-level version is not offering as many features as the Japanese vehicles. Still, we will know more when the Honda E electric vehicle debuts. Verdict: the 2022 Honda Element would be a perfect fit as the model between compact and subcompact classes.


  1. I own a 2006 Honda Element and I love it. I have heard for the last three years that the Honda Element will be coming out in the US by the end of 2018. I’m still waiting! I’ll buy it the day it hits the market – if it ever does?! I am trying to hold on to my 2006 till the new one comes out. My time is running out – I have over 170,000 miles and things are starting to show it’s age/ware and I’m 80yrs old & starting to show my age/ware. If the new Element does not come out in 2022 I will trade/sell my Element and get a new truck!


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