2022 Jeep Baby SUV concept

The future of the subcompact Renegade crossover is not certain. When the first rumors about the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV appeared, it gave support to the opinion the company is preparing the replacement. Well, not so fast. Some sources are claiming the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV is going to be the mini version of the Wrangler, capable of an off-road drive. Meanwhile, the company is going to redesign Renegade and keep it for road fun.

There are no too many details available about the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV. This might be a response to the new Ford Bronco Sport. It shares the name with the legendary SUV, but not too much more besides that. We assume that Mini Jeep is going to be a two-door SUV with subcompact size and off-road upgrades. The boxy look and the open-air cabin are the highlights of the first renderings.

Still, the arrival of the new model is questionable. The company has other problems to solve and the subcompact off-road SUV would be an experiment. Cherokee nameplate might be replaced soon and Jeep lacks hybrid and electric vehicles to keep pace with the competition. Nevertheless, the idea seems to be great and fans are already keeping tabs on the Baby Jeep SUV.

2022 Jeep Baby SUV render

Rumors and Facts

Speculations about the new vehicle started in Europe. According to Auto Express, FCA chiefs have spoken about the model that will arrive to dealerships in 2022. The most comparisons are with the Nissan Juke. These two vehicles will have close dimensions. But, the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV is going to get a sort of electric or PHEV configuration. This is not new for the Jeep vehicles, since the first units arrived this season. Wrangler 4xe is probably the one you already heard about.

Replacement or not, the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV will share a lot of things with the Renegade crossover. These two models will belong to a similar class, but the purposes should be different. Well, the Mini Jeep is considered as a small SUV, rather than a crossover. The Baby SUV is going to take the new architecture, developed in the PSA-FCA partnership. So, there is a lot of interesting things that the upcoming model might bring.

2022 Jeep Baby SUV price

When Will 2022 Jeep Baby SUV Come Out?

The vehicle is still a rumor. But, these speculations are coming from the company’s officials, so there must be some truth in these. Well, we don’t know what will the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV represent. Since the European department of the FCA is mentioning it, the upcoming model might be there only for this part of the world. On the other hand, rumors drew the most attention of fans across the ocean. So, it would be a great disappointment.

The premiere of the Baby SUV is still not set, but the company is planning to release the vehicle as the 2022 YM. That is the only fact we know at this point.

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Further Rumors

Since the Mini Jeep is going to be a subcompact vehicle, the company is not going to add some massive power source. The 2022 Jeep Baby SUV will be offered with a four-cylinder unit, or even the three-pot mill could be an option. A 1.3-liter turbo unit can provide 177 hp and 210 lb-ft, which would be perfect for off-road duties. On the other hand, a small 2.4-liter naturally-aspirated block is coming with similar power, but with less twist. Still, another option might be the 4xe plug-in hybrid or even an all-electric powertrain. But, Jeep would rather start the EV chapter with some of the more popular models.

2022 Jeep Baby SUV

2022 Jeep Baby SUV: Verdict

For now, everything about the 2022 Jeep Baby SUV is just a rumor. Officials did mention the new vehicle, but everything else doesn’t have the foundation. Even the Baby SUV is not a legit name. However, something is going on. Plans will be revealed soon if the carmaker wants to deliver the new project as the vehicle for the 2022 season. Also, there are unexpected challenges that should be solved first. Cherokee nameplate is under the question mark and the Ram Rebel TRX is getting a rival with more power. The Baby Jeep is a cool idea and many fans already expressed interest. But, the release date is still a mystery for the public.


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