2022 Lincoln Nautilus Redesign Details

Fans of Lincoln cars can’t wait to see if the company is going to update its mid-size SUV. Well, Nautilus is one of the youngest vehicles in the squad. Buyers already found a few pros and cons, so let’s see what can be improved on the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus.

Mid-size SUVs with two rows of seats are not as much popular as either smaller crossovers or bigger siblings. The first ones will offer a way better gas mileage, but small SUVs are lacking power. On the other hand, if you have a large family and need extra seating space and more potent engines, some of the three-row models will meet demands. The 2022 Lincoln Nautilus is somewhere between, with both power and space. Five passengers will have more room and owners will find the SUV a budget-friendly model. Plus, the energetic engine is going to provide extra power for a sportier ride.

For the upcoming season, there won’t be huge changes on the 2022 Nautilus. The redesign is postponed for 2023 since one season is lost because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The vehicle is pretty much new since it debuted in 2019. The mid-cycle update could happen in 2022, but with a year of pause, seeing a new model after only two seasons seems to be too soon.

2022 Lincoln Nautilus interior

2022 Lincoln Nautilus Engines: Hybrid Joins the Lineup

There are two engine choices for the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus that will still be available for buyers. The mid-size SUV relies on the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-pot unit capable to deliver 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is sending power to front wheels. Buyers can use the four-wheel distribution as well.

If you are looking for more power, a small V6 displacement will serve 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of twist. Although it comes with more cylinders, it will keep the gas mileage at the same level (22 mpg). All-wheel drive is standard and the towing capacity is 3,500 pounds. Again, this is the same result as you can get from a four-cylinder powerplant.

Still, there is a missing piece in this puzzle. The first thing coming to experts’ minds is a hybrid configuration. Lincoln already hybridized a larger Aviator. The PHEV model can achieve 500 hp, so the same system won’t feature on the Nautilus for sure. On the other hand, Ford recently configured Escape to return 44 mpg. This would be a great achievement for the mid-size luxury SUV. Another option is a fully-electric drivetrain. The Lincoln Mark E will be based on the Ford Mach E and it could get a similar setup and batteries. These are going to cover 250-300 miles, depends on the package Lincoln engineers decide to install.

2022 Lincoln Nautilus redesign

Trim Levels, Black Label

Standard, Reserve, and Black Label trims are going to be the lineup for the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus. However, the company might add another trim level to boost the offer. Still, there are no details about limited editions fo the SUV. The company will shake things up between trim levels to refresh packages. Still, the Standard version will be equipped with 18-inch wheels and a power tailgate. The rims can be larger. Also, the safety is getting a boost, although the Co-Pilot360 is already one of the most advanced systems in the market, even if we take only the luxury tier.

If you are about to invest more money, you can upgrade to the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve. Hands-free tailgate, larger wheels, ventilated front buckets, panoramic sunroof are all there. Revel installs a 13-speaker surround sound system. That is not all. The offer becomes more interesting if you add some of the packages.

Still, the Reserve model is not a match to the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label. The top of the lineup version comes with a V6 as standard powertrain, upgraded audio by the same company, and thematic interior, which is the trademark of this version. The mid-size Nautilus comes in three variations – Gala, Chalet, and Thoroughbred.

2022 Lincoln Nautilus black label interior

2022 Lincoln Nautilus Prices

The entry-level SUV is going to cost around $41,000. The price will go up when the company redesigns the vehicle. Until then, the Reserve model stays a cool upgrade with a $7,500 investment. That includes all-wheel drive. With a V6 and more advanced interior features, the Black Label is going to start at $65,000. This is a significant upgrade over the base version of the Nautilus and most of the rivals.

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