2022 VW Taos Price, Specs, Colors

Volkswagen is expanding its business in the US. A few years ago, we saw the Atlas Tanoak concept. The pickup truck is close to production and it seems the truck will come out as the 2022 YM. Besides this one, we also know about the ID platform, which is going to underpin electric and PHEV vehicles in the future. The first units are already launched. The latest addition to the squad is the 2022 VW Taos, the subcompact crossover, which will take the position under Tiguan in the US market.

According to what fans could see so far, the Taos is going to be a player in the mini SUV segment. Although small, the crossover offers enough room at the back. Still, if you need more, you can always opt for a more expensive Atlas. However, it costs you $10,000, since the 2022 VW Taos is going to start at $24,000. It is slightly more expensive than other subcompact rivals, but Volkswagen is not saving on its new product. The turbocharged engine is providing more power and AWD is optional.

2022 VW Taos

2022 VW Taos Specifications

Big expectations are on the 2022 Volkswagen Taos. The crossover features a 1.5-liter turbo-four engine. For this segment, the output of 158 horsepower is quite impressive. Just take other subcompact vehicles and see what they are offering. Fans can also expect further upgrades to the lineup. But, the German carmaker is not unveiling all the details yet. Additionally, the engine adds 185 pound-feet of torque. Engineers modified a well-known 1.4-liter engine and enhanced its efficiency. An eight-speed auto transmission sends power to the front wheels. If you decide to take a version with an all-wheel drive, you will also get a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). The gas mileage will definitely be around 30 mpg. However, the company’s estimations and real-life consumption sometimes don’t match.

2022 VW Taos interior

Design, Concept

The new 2022 VW Taos will be positioned under the compact Tiguan. The first impression was “it is not too cheaper”. However, the price for the first edition will drop when Taos enters the second year in the market. Volkswagen brings upscale materials and equipment, but buyers will rather go after a larger vehicle with more space. But, the new subcompact model is not too tight inside.

The Taos is going to be 174 inches long, which is 9 in shorter than Tiguan. It places the crossover at the same basket as the likes of Subaru Crosstrek and Jeep Compass. Speaking of size, the vehicle is going to be a five-seater with a cargo space of 28 cubic feet. With such capacity, one of the leading places in the segment is guaranteed. If you fold rear seats, you can get up to 66 cu.ft.

Like every Volkswagen, the 2022 Taos is going to bring clean design, outside and inside. The abovementioned rivals are more aggressive, with rugged styling. VW is using proven and classic language, with a neat cabin. A new steering wheel is drawing attention. For $24,000, buyers are getting a cool package of features. The Taos comes with LED lamps, a digital cluster, and a two-tone interior. Still, VW leaves a lot of advanced accessories as optional equipment. The SEL model features some of them, including an eight-inch display and AWD. But, the leather upholstery, premium audio, and panoramic moonroof could be obtained only by separate purchase.

2022 VW Taos colors

2022 VW Taos Colors, Prices

The standard lineup of colors will be available for the new crossover. Expect the Deep Black Pearl, Platinum Gray Metallic and Pyrite Silver Metallic as the base offer. The preview image features a lighter shade of blue. Siblings of the 2022 VW Taos are offering either Tourmaline or Atlantic paint. Pure White is the top coat option. The underbody remains black in all combinations. Upper trim levels are going to offer additional options. Aurora Red and Racing Green are some of the possibilities that will be paid additionally. Even the cabin is going to offer a few layouts. Depending on the material buyers pick up, the offer starts from gray and black for the cloth surfaces, and expands to beige, brown and black for leather upholsteries.

The price is going to depend on options. The base version is expected to start at around $24,000. That is a $2,500 saving compared to a larger Tiguan. S, SE, and SEL are trim levels we meet on most Volkswagens. Technology and R-Line packages are optional upgrades for base bundles. Plus, VW saves some premium features as additional accessories. The unveiling is expected in the next couple of months when fans are about to find out all the trim levels, colors, and fuel economy details of the 2022 VW Taos. For now, it is hard to predict how the crossover is going to perform in the market since the sales are going to depend on the resale value. Still, Volkswagen is optimistic. After this one, we might also see the full-size SUV as the final piece of the lineup.

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