2023 BMW Urban X Concept News

BMW plans to include a new subcompact SUV in its lineup in the foreseeable future. This smallest model in the squad could hit production soon and arrive as the 2023 BMW Urban X. One of the rare official things we know is that the vehicle is going to compete with Audi Q2. Interesting, especially having in mind that X2 covers the situation there. Experts assume the upcoming crossover is going to be 160-161 inches long. Again, we can make comparisons to the abovementioned vehicles. The X2 is about 10 inches longer. Mostly because of its size, such vehicles are not quite popular in the US.

For now, we only know BMW is in the final stages of a plan to add a new baby SUV. The carmaker offers one of the largest lineups in the industry, stretching from the X1 to the X7. Soon, new models are joining the squad. Besides a larger X8, we are getting a smaller unit as well. Why BMW is expanding the range? Almost 45% of the company’s sales were SUVs, with an increase compared to previous seasons. The rapid rise in popularity encouraged bosses to invest into a new crossover.

Besides the official announcement, there are no further details about the 2023 BMW Urban X. We will have to wait to see what will happen with the vehicle and what markets it is going to cover.

2023 BMW Urban X release date

New Nameplate

The BMW Blog asks what will be the production name of the 2023 BMW Urban X. All the numbers are taken. So, the German company will have to figure out the marketing plan for the concept. One of the options is to replace the X2. But, it is not likely to happen. Funny side is the BMW X1.5. Of course, this is just a joke. Either way, we know the Urban X is going to be a rival to the Audi Q2.


It is hard to find any source which can tell us what to expect from the 2023 BMW Urban X. It is almost impossible to speculate, with the lack of details. A 2.0-liter engine is a likely option. BMW could install something even smaller. Electric drivetrain based on the iNext concept seems possible. This is a growing market and the German carmaker wants a share of it. Mercedes is developing the EQ lineup, and Audi is active as well.

2023 BMW Urban X

When Will 2023 BMW Urban X Be Available?

BMW is not in the rush with the production of the new vehicle. Experts are not confident that SUV is coming out in next 12 months. But, it will be worth of waiting. All we can say about the 2023 BMW Urban X is coming from the comparisons with Audi Q2 and BMW X2. Also, we know the company is not offering all its vehicles all around the world. Plus, prices are different in Europe and the USA. The Urban X might start above $35,000 as the premium subcompact SUV. Alternatives are Lexus UX and Lincoln Corsair.


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