2023 Toyota C-HR hybrid

The 2023 Toyota C-HR is finally bringing the first serious update of the subcompact crossover. There were some speculations about its future and its replacement, but the carmaker keeps the spot in the mini SUV lineup. The C-HR made a strong impact back in 2018 with the original styling. Now, designers are not going to change it a lot, but the facelift will refresh the look of the vehicle. Besides the styling updates, we expect a lot more.

Toyota might add a hybrid drivetrain to this small vehicle. The crossover is already very efficient, returning 29 mpg combined. But, for an urban vehicle, it can be a lot better. For example, the Rav4 hybrid can do 40 mpg. So, the 2023 Toyota C-HR hybrid will be there to increase this number. It would make the crossover one of the best vehicles for the urban city streets.

But, the cost of the entire redesign is going to make the 2023 Toyota C-HR more expensive. After the COVID-19 pandemic, another crisis is happening, affecting the automotive industry. The base price of the upcoming crossover might jump to $25,000.

2023 Toyota C-HR redesign

New Model

Bosses in Toyota confirmed the company is working on the new version of the subcompact crossover. However, they didn’t mention the 2023 Toyota C-HR. So, there is space for speculations if the company is launching something all-new, or the existing vehicle is going through a mid-cycle refresh. Anyway, that is needed.

The C-HR is a small crossover for urban streets and tight parking lots. The vehicle is not impressive on the open road with its small engine and low outputs. If you are not traveling so often, it can be handy. The styling is eye-catching. Toyota did a great job in 2018 when the C-HR appeared for the first time. The futuristic design was a hit from day one. Since then, Toyota upgraded the interior and infotainment system a few times. The latest season didn’t bring too many changes, indicating that a bigger dose of modifications is on the way.

2023 Toyota C-HR interior

Under the Hood

A 2.0-liter petrol engine remains the main option for the 2023 Toyota C-HR. in the future, the company might bring some other configuration, maybe a turbocharged I-3. Buyers of the upcoming vehicle can count on 144 hp and 139 lb-ft, which is above average for the subcompact class. The gas mileage suffers a bit, returning only 29 mpg. Compared to a larger RAV4, this is not so great. An auto gearbox sends power to the front wheels. Toyota is not adding AWD to its smallest vehicle in the crossover lineup.

2023 Toyota C-HR Hybrid

One of the key upgrades to the new model could be the hybrid configuration. Although the company rejected the possibility a few years ago, now it seems like a good move. The 2023 Toyota C-HR hybrid can add extra power and more miles. Those are exactly the main disadvantages and biggest downsides of the small SUV. Well, we can also add tight space in the back row, but you can’t expect too much comfort from a 171-inch long vehicle. On the other hand, an MPG rating over 30 is pretty common nowadays among the competition. For example, Nissan Kicks returns 33 mpg.

2023 Toyota C-HR facelift

2023 Toyota C-HR Release Date and Price

Designers and engineers took the time to improve the 2023 Toyota C-HR. the current edition arrived without significant changes. Well, the Japanese company didn’t make any bold moves during the pandemic. Now, many crossovers and SUVs are introducing redesigns and revisits. One of them is the subcompact C-HR. With very popular other models in the family, this vehicle stays under the radar. The release date of the new C-HR is set for the final quarter of 2022.

The price will go up a bit. Expect the crossover around $25,000. Hybrid version will cost $2,500 or $3,000 more. It is going to pay off in years with improved gas mileage. High-end versions packed with advanced technologies won’t exceed $30k.


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