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Ford announced the end of production of the Edge SUV in 2021. But, we still see the 2023 YM at dealerships. Well, those vehicles are coming out without changes. However, the existence sparks rumors about the new redesigned 2024 Ford Edge. There are several pros and cons. The major downside is that the company made its end official. Changing its words after a couple of years would be counterproductive. On the other hand, with so many sub-classes, Edge is needed to keep the two-row mid-size SUV segment competitive.

So, changing minds so fast is probably something we can’t count on. The lack of a vehicle in some segments is another big thing. The new SUV could jump in. Plus, there is the Bronco, probably the main reason why we won’t see the 2024 Ford Edge. It fits into the segment, with a few modifications, but its heritage and success are impossible to match for the Edge.

Still, there are around 100k new buyers of the Edge SUV ever since it debuted in 2007. So, the nameplate definitely deserves a chance. Plus, we can blame bosses for shifting focus to other projects, and not improving this SUV. It is not late Ford, you still can build the new Edge worth of attention.

new 2024 Ford Edge

2024 Ford Edge Changes

Since the 2023 YM is available again, the 2024 Ford Edge might be a carry-over once again. At this point, it seems a legit outcome, as long as the company has extra parts to assemble the SUV. But, let’s focus on the Edge as the all-new model. The SUV does need many changes to stay competitive. First, the exterior styling is old and boring. A more attractive and futuristic model will draw more attention. Then, the interior also needs a revisit. As the mid-size two-row SUV, the Edge provides an excellent balance between passenger comfort and cargo space. Still, most of the options are out of date. Again, the look is the first thing that should be updated. The current version is from 2015 and a few revisits can’t change the main concept.

Furthermore, the 2024 Ford Edge needs more options. Where to start… First, there is no trim level that can stun you. We don’t expect Raptor or King Ranch, but a unique grade or feature would turn the attention to this SUV. The engine is also very unimpressive. It won’t provide exceptional performance, or fuel economy. There is no hybrid or EV drivetrain. Most buyers still trust classic configurations, but let’s be honest – the future is in electrification. Even classic cars, such as Mustang or F-150 trucks, are getting EV versions.

2024 Ford Edge st

Pros and Cons

So, the all-new 2024 Ford Edge is quite a project. It requires a lot of manpower, funds, and facilities. At this moment, that is the key – Ford is not ready to sacrifice all that because of the Edge. It is a cool vehicle. But, the mid-size two-row SUV class is not too attractive. This model was coming back with impressive sales results, beyond expectations.

The company would rather use all the resources for long-term plans. Those can be used for the development and building of more electric vehicles. In a few years, such drivetrains are about to dominate the market and eventually totally replace internal combustion plants.

2024 Ford Edge interior

2024 Ford Edge Conclusion

Fans and enthusiasts have a few ideas on how to save the 2024 Ford Edge. Well, they are not bosses in the Blue Oval company, so those opinions are not too relevant. Still, some of those speculations have sense and could lead to the preservation of the nameplate.

In our humble opinion, we can say goodbye to the Edge. The only way to see it again is to wait for the electric SUV that can take its name. Otherwise, the lineup is dead, as Ford announced a couple of years ago.


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