2024 Range Rover Electric SUV Debut Date

By the end of 2023, the British company will start accepting pre-orders for the new 2024 Range Rover Electric. In a few months, we will get a confirmation for the estimated price of around $120,000. Well, don’t expect a bargain for a high-performance all-electric luxury SUV. The Range Rover EV is coming to the British salons first, and then the rest of the world will see it. Potential buyers in the US will probably see it as the 2025 YM. It is not the first time that European carmakers are not launching their novelties in the biggest stage, but rather in the home ground.

Further details about the new SUV are speculations derived from pieces of information shared by spokesmen. You could hear them talking about excellent off-road capabilities. But, there are no specific features announced. Also, we don’t know the estimated range of the 2024 Range Rover Electric. Having in mind its reputation, the big luxury SUV will bring some state-of-art technology, high-end powertrain, and aggressive styling.

2024 Range Rover Electric release date

2024 Range Rover Electric Range

The big SUV needs a huge powertrain, especially with high expectations surrounding every JLR vehicle. However, there are no details about the range, acceleration, recharge time, and other specs. The company is already building an electric SUV, but we can’t compare the Ranger Rover to the Jaguar I-Pace. Still, let’s just mention that the crossover can do 292 miles in a single charge. But, the 2024 Range Rover Electric will be 10-15 inches longer and way heavier. To get this range, the SUV needs a much larger battery pack.

As a performance model, we expect the Range Rover to return at least 200 miles. Like the petrol counterpart, you will need to stop and top up the drivetrain every now and then. If the company aims for some high-end versions, the price will go up very easily. A two- and three-motor layout is possible with a range up to 500 miles.

2024 Range Rover Electric Release Date

Our sources claim the company is really into this project. Well, the JLR plans to electrify most of its vehicles by 2030. The full-size SUV is probably the toughest task. The concept with the first details will be out soon. We could see the 2024 Range Rover Electric by the end of this year. But, the production won’t start so soon. Anyway, the British carmaker needs to put extra effort since the Cadillac Escalade IQ and Mercedes EQS are just around the corner.

2024 Range Rover Electric spy photos


Ranger Rover is a synonym for luxury. Like every other British vehicle, it is priced above the competition. Yes, JLR offers a unique styling, but it is not always worth paying extra. Having in mind that the model with an internal combustion engine starts from $100k, an all-electric SUV with similar performance will be at least $30k higher. With every next upgrade, the price will go up, and those configurations with the longest range will be around $200,000. A V8-powered SV Autobiography Ultimate Edition is currently the most expensive Range Rover.


The 2024 Range Rover Electric is not unexpected news/rumor. The company is already building PHEV vehicles, even for its big SUVs. But, this is another stage. There are no such huge models at dealerships yet, but we can see interesting announcements. General Motors is the most serious in building EVs. Their lineup is expanding and the new project is the Cadillac IQ. Also, Mercedes and BMW are on the way to electrifying GLS and X7. The G-Wagon electric is another interesting concept we can’t wait to see on the roads.

2024 Range Rover Electric interior

Technology, Comfort, Safety

Land Rover is already at the top in all those segments. But the 2024 Range Rover Electric will take everything to the next level. The technology will be driver-focused, with a lot of aid features. Autonomous drive is possible. We’ll see where the Range Rover EV will end up with the level of self-driving systems. Although electric, the SUV will keep three rows of seats. That means maximum comfort for long trips. The battery will be under the seats, so it leaves empty space under the hood for extra storage.

Of course, models with more potent engines will bring more features and high-end accessories. A huge infotainment system display will sit at the center console.

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